Orlando Tech August 2013

  1. Anyone out there planning on going to Orlando Tech for their LPN starting in August? I'm currently in the process of applying for the daytime program, but I feel very in the dark. I went to the orientation, I've sent in my online application, and have heard nothing since. I called and left a message for someone in I think nursing admissions (I got transferred a few times) regarding the next steps. I'd love to meet some people that are going through the process currently, or have done it recently and give me some pointers!
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  3. by   luckygirl7
    Im looking to go this aug, you just need your dental exam, physical exam, and proof of shots. oh plus the teas and tabe passing scores I havent done any of this stuff yet. Im goona get it all in this march, how was the orientation havent gone yet. what did they tell you there.
  4. by   xoCrash
    Orientation just touched on the cost, entrance exams (tabe, teas) and program hours. Nothing you really couldn't find on the website. I'm studying for the TEAS now and want to take it in about two weeks.
  5. by   tina102
    @xocrash I recently went to orientation last Thursday and received all of the information. I didn't have to take the tabe test because I already had a degree. I did however take the teas test. I passed all of the sections besides the language section so im going back april 4th to take that section. Some TEAS advise don't stress to hard over the test. The test isn't that bad. If youre studying out of ati study guide everything that was on the test was in the book. I didn't feel left out in the dark on any schedule. I didn't do good on language because that's not my strongest subject. But good luck i'm sure you will do well. Also the week of the 25th they're on spring break just a heads up you cant take the test that week.
  6. by   xoCrash
    I ended up going back about two weeks ago and got my questions answered. I'm about half way through my ATI study guide now. I'm rusty on math, so that's where I'm spending the most reviewing. Hopefully I'll take the TEAS in about 2 weeks.
  7. by   tina102
    When I took it the math section was mainly on word problems, a few algebra questions and converting the metric system. They give you the values for that you just have to know how to set it up. Also I have a question on the roman numerals. Well good luck on the test! I'm sure you'll do well. I'm rooting for you If you take it on April 4th i'll see you there.
  8. by   ksmall24
    I am going to orientation tomorrow so hopefully I will see where I stand with it all. tina102, what degree do you have that you didnt have to take the TABE test? I have my AA so hopefully that will work. I have taken the teas (was planning on starting keiser last year) so thats good, I passed the reading and langauge the first time, but had to retake the math (my worst subject). the science was the hardest I thought, do they not even look at that score, though I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I am really hoping to get into the august class so I don't have to wait longer. Does anyone plan on working through the program? Thanks and I wish you both luck on the teas!
  9. by   tina102
    @ksmall24 I know you probably know this already seeing that im writing you on thursday. I have my aa so you dont have to take the tabe. As long as you have a 75 in reading, math and language the last time you took it you should be all set. I know what you mean I want to get in the August program quite frankly because im tired of waiting. I do plan on working while in school because unfortunately my bills dont stop coming. Anywho let me know how it went today.
  10. by   xoCrash
    I also will be working, but I'm going to be looking fr a new job soon. I love the one I have now, but my hours just won't work with the class times!
  11. by   xoCrash
    Are you guys planning on doing the daytime or evening class?
  12. by   tina102
    Daytime classes
  13. by   tina102
    @xoCrash which one are you going for?
  14. by   xoCrash
    Daytime. I have to get out there and take the TEAS though! I just don't have the cash right now..