Orlando Tech August 2013 - page 2

Anyone out there planning on going to Orlando Tech for their LPN starting in August? I'm currently in the process of applying for the daytime program, but I feel very in the dark. I went to the... Read More

  1. by   ksmall24
    I plan on doing day time, I took the teas, missed the lanuguage by 2 points I was so focused on doing good for the math I didn't even look at the other sections before going. I am going back on april 11th, but plan on doing the physical and dental exam done before that. has anyone done that part? do you just go get a normal dental cleaning and thats what they want? I'm not quite sure. The only part the school has seemed unorganized to me is trying to get on track with how to do all of this. I had tried to ask questions in orientation, but she didn't really seem to want to help me, just told me to come ask a counselor, and when I came for the teas, everyone was nice, but sent me back and forth so many times to get the tabe waived bc of my grades. So hopefully it all works out for you guys and we can all get into the daytime august
  2. by   tina102
    Language is what I missed too :/ but I take it again next thursday. I have no idea what they want with the dental but im just going to go get a cleaning that's the only thing I can imagine they want.
  3. by   xoCrash
    I think I'm going to take it during my off week between spring and summer classes at Valencia. It's a whirlwind from now until then and I barely have time to study for those while looking for a new place to live and a new job!
  4. by   ksmall24
    make sure that the classes dont fill up, the lady I've been emailing said they go quick in april so I am worried enough about spots filling up before I retake the language part on thursday. I was trying to do the dental and physical before then but they won't give me any information about those until I pass the teas and they give me a packet. So hopefully Thursday I will pass the test and get the packet and secure my spot.
  5. by   xoCrash
    I didn't think of that for some reason.. I'm just about done with my TEAS review book. I'm off Thursday so maybe I'll just take it then.
  6. by   xoCrash
    Since you guys already took it.. How was the math portion? I'm not bad at math, but I'm not fast at it. I'm worried I won't have enough time if the problems are complicated or involve a lot of division or fractions. Those are my weakest points.
  7. by   tina102
    Just a update guys there's 11 people who has a health packet but only 4 has turned it in. I found that out last thursday when I was there. I took the teas and missed it by 1.5 -_- But anywho good luck guys. Oh and the math section isnt bad at all im not good at math and I passed it on the first round. just go over adding,subtracting, multiplying and diving fractions. Also how to convert them into %. I had more than enough time to write out the problems and solve them
  8. by   xoCrash
    I already have my medical/immunization records on the way and a dental appointment booked so I should be get the packet in quick after I take the teas Thursday.
  9. by   suzieQRNstudent
    Did they say how many people they were taking? I can't remember if they said that during orientation or not. Also, do we have to get a background check? I didn't see anything about it - just the shots and dental info. Just making sure I am not missing anything
  10. by   tina102
    20-25 I believe I'm not sure
  11. by   xoCrash
    So nervous.. Taking the TEAS today!
  12. by   ksmall24
    I'm retaking the language part today!
  13. by   xoCrash
    I got there too late in the afternoon so I'm waiting until 5 to take it. How was the English portion?