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Hi everyone! Just wanted to know if theres anyone who has applied to NSU's Entry Level BSN program RECENTLY and got in. I want to apply for Fall 2013's program. What was your GPA when you applied, how hard was it do you think to... Read More

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    Okay thank you. I would appreciate any more advice. Am super nervous! Good luck to everyone who has interviewed so far. Hopefully you are accepted!! Good luck to those who are waiting for the interview. Am one of those. If you have been interviewed can you say what campus? Thank You!

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    Yeah i was supper nervous as well. I interviewed in the main campus. When is your interview and for what campus? And i think they change the questions dont rely much on the ones people have gotten.
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    I interviewed for the kendall campus. My bad i got confused for a second
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    I was super nervous, too! Try to stay calm, they're really nice and encouraging. It all went by so quick. They were random questions but just be positive. The writing sample was easy as well. I interviewed at the main campus in davie.
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    If we are accepted do we get notified by mail or they will send us an email? I dont know how many times in a day i check my inbox to see if i have an answer..
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    I check all the time, too. Lol. The director at main campus said it would be about 2-3 weeks before we find out. She said we'll get an email notifying of a status change and then we'll receive the acceptance letter. If its a denial, we won't get an email. Only a letter.
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    Lol but if we get an email it will say congratulations and stuff so we atleast know? And then receive a letter? I cant wait to find out already
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    Am applying to the Kendall campus, right now I am waiting for my appt. for the interview. Hopefully I get it soon.

    On the Nova VIP page it states: When a decision is made regarding your admissions status, you will be notified by U.S. Postal Mail.
    Yes , I spoke to a Nova Adviser, and received the same information. The decision will made 2-3 weeks after the interview and we will receive an email if accepted and a letter as well.
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    Cookie, I applied to the Kendall campus and haven't gotten a callback for the interview either :/ I talked to Andrea and Kim, and they both told me my application was still pending evaluation for an interview.
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    I think everyone that meets the requirements gets an interview. They are doing them until may 16 so im sure you guys will get yours

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