Nova Southeastern University Entry Level BSN? - page 2

Hi everyone! Just wanted to know if there is anyone who has applied to NSU's Entry Level BSN program RECENTLY and got in. I want to apply for Fall 2013's program. What was your GPA when you applied,... Read More

  1. by   lovebuggy
    Jcpr1988, I heard that as well. Nova received my stuff on January 23rd, but I have yet to get any replies from them :/ They had told me to expect an answer concerning the interview mid February but..nothing...
  2. by   Laurarodriguez21
    Hello, has anyone gotten any interview dates??? I'm currently applying for fall 2013
  3. by   Laurarodriguez21
    Has anyone gotten any response from nova about interview dates and so on? I'm applying for fall 2013
  4. by   jcpr1988
    Hold on tight because I just got my call and confirmation for my interview on Feb. 26. Im so nervous! So, Im sure you'll be getting a call/email about scheduling yours soon.
  5. by   jcpr1988
    Laura, I applied about 3 weeks ago and just got a call advising of my interview. So, Im sure you'll here something soon.
  6. by   Laurarodriguez21
    Yeahh I' have my interview next week on Tuesday as well. I'm so nervous. Do you know around what do the students that get picked have they're gpa?
  7. by   jcpr1988
    I have no idea. They just told me I met all requirements and to pick an interview time on Tuesday. My interview is at 3:30pm. Yours?
  8. by   Laurarodriguez21
    Oh okay well mine is at 2:00 p.m. Good luck
  9. by   jcpr1988
    Thank you! Same too you. Good luck!
  10. by   lovebuggy
    I haven't gotten a call yet :/

    I just realized you guys really had no time to prepare for the interview. I remember last years applicants had at least two weeks to prepare.
  11. by   jcpr1988
    I know. There was no time to really prepare. I'm not sure what to expect, which makes me more nervous than I already am! Lol. Since their holding interviews early, I'm sure finding out if anyone got accepted is going to take longer. At least till April. :-(
  12. by   tinababy
    I have my interview at Kendall campus in an hour! I'm so nervous. 😬
  13. by   jcpr1988
    Good luck! I have mine at 3:30 at the main campus.