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Hi everyone! Just wanted to know if theres anyone who has applied to NSU's Entry Level BSN program RECENTLY and got in. I want to apply for Fall 2013's program. What was your GPA when you applied, how hard was it do you think to... Read More

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    Quote from lovebuggy
    jcpr1988, are you applying to Nova only?
    Lovebuggy, as of right now I'm only applying to nova. If I don't get in, then I'll apply to broward college and potentially the LPN route because Barry University accepts LPN's for their traditional BSN program. What about you?

    Sorry if I responded twice. The page froze the first time I replied.

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    I applied to FIU and UF as well. I've been considering Broward but aren't their pre-requisites very different?
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    Broward has made a few changes to their pre-reqs but I do know they require ENC1101, Gen Ed. Math, AP1 and AP2 with the Labs, a healthcare core class taught there at Broward, and I think they've added Microbio with the Lab (Chem is the pre-req). Plus, you have to take the HESI to apply for Broward's program. Have you gotten any word back from Nova? I heard they're starting the interviews earlier this term. So, I made sure to submit all my docs and now Im just waiting.
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    Jcpr1988, I heard that as well. Nova received my stuff on January 23rd, but I have yet to get any replies from them :/ They had told me to expect an answer concerning the interview mid February but..nothing...
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    Hello, has anyone gotten any interview dates??? I'm currently applying for fall 2013
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    Has anyone gotten any response from nova about interview dates and so on? I'm applying for fall 2013
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    Hold on tight because I just got my call and confirmation for my interview on Feb. 26. Im so nervous! So, Im sure you'll be getting a call/email about scheduling yours soon.
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    Laura, I applied about 3 weeks ago and just got a call advising of my interview. So, Im sure you'll here something soon.
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    Yeahh I' have my interview next week on Tuesday as well. I'm so nervous. Do you know around what do the students that get picked have they're gpa?
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    I have no idea. They just told me I met all requirements and to pick an interview time on Tuesday. My interview is at 3:30pm. Yours?

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