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Hello everyone! I applied to Nova's Entry Level BSN program today for Fall 2012 semester and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan... Read More

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    Apr 9 by samiam856
    Quote from jpaul7030nurse
    "I am in my first semester Nursing at Nova and almost finish with it. For you who applied for the fall semester, feel free to ask me any questions that you want to.
    Would you mind letting us know what your stats were when you applied-GPA and such.....and how do you like it? "

    - I got my AA degree in nursing at Broward College before I applied to the BSN at Nova. Which means that I had more than what they were asking. I had a 3.91 GPA. The first semester is very hard if you do not buy the books earlier in order to study. For some students, it is hard. But for me, it is easy because I bought the books two months before I started the program and started to study. If you do the same, you will be fine. I am almost done with my first semester and ready for the second one. Thanks to God.

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    Awesome, Thanks RNtobe1211! I am working on 4 pre reqs right now and one over the summer. They said this was ok as long as they are all finished before the program! However, I think this only works for the Ft. Myers campus.. :/
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    Jpaul7030nurse I was wondering what the schedule is like? Is it everyday, and for how long everyday?? Thanks so much for answering all of our questions :spin:
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    Every semester is different. The first semester schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am to 5pm. You will have Tuesday off.
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    Ohh ok.. that's not too bad! Which campus are you attending now japul7030nurse??
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    I am at Fort-lauderdale campus.
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    So Jpaul, I think it was you that said that we should refresh our memory in Anatomy. Do you know of any good flashcards? And I saw someone else say that the first and second semester are the hardest? is it because its just a lot of studying or is it just trying to get use to everything?
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    I do not have any flashcards. I already told that the best way to be ready for the first semester is to buy the books earlier which means that when you are selected just buy the books and start to study. The first and the second semester are the hardest because they prepare you for the other ones.
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    hey guys i applied to nova and i just got the email for the interview
    so im guessing if we recieved an email that means we're currently being considered and the interview will finalize their decision right?because if we werent being considered then they wouldnt have bothered to send the email to those that recieved it?
    i live in georgia and my classes dont end until may 8 so im hoping they dont schedule an interview for me between that time frame
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    I also applied for the bsn program at nova for the fall of 2012 (fort lauderdale) campus
    I live in NY, so getting to that interview, and finals coming up is going to be hard.
    I wonder if there is an alternative way to interview? ahhhh I wish we'd know alreadyy the wait is too long!!!!!

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