No more baptist Scholars for MDC students...***!!!!!

  1. Omg sorry for the language but i have to vent after all the time it took me to get accepted into nursing school i call to get the application for the baptist scholars program only to find out that they no longer offer it to miami dade students they only have it for Nova and Barry students. so now how I am i supposed to get hired into baptist health south ?? that place is a fortress to get into unless you know people and i live in homestead thats the only hospital around....from what i hear its super hard to find a job as it is in miami.... i havent even started nursing school and the future isnt looking to bright with job opportunities.
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  3. by   Tragically Hip
    I think they only want BSNs — it's a magnet thing.

    One of my classmates in microbiology lab was an ADN at Baptist who was told that she needed to get a BSN or she wasn't going to get any further there.
    Have you considered speaking to Memorial Hospital for the scholarship? The only rn graduates they hire is those that they give scholarships to. I know the hospital is far from you, but this is the way I see it - I have applied to Baptist; which is really far from me as I live in North Miami Beach, but if I get a job, I will only have to travel that far three times a week and the occasional on call. It is doable.
    I am looking for a job, and I am willing to travel 55 miles or so each way, so long I get a job; which is hard. I have been looking since August. When you get at my point in the journey, you will make concessions and accept an offer from an institution that is not your first pick.
    If money for tuition is an issue, Leon Medical has donated millions to the nursing program, try to see if you get a scholarship through the school.
    Good luck.