Need Delray Medical Center Feedback ASAP!!!

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    I got offered a position here for there new grad program (neuro/teley). My concern is many people say Delray sucks. It even got the nickname, "Hell-ray." Therefore, I need some input from people who actually work there. Please help.

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    It sucks b/c of the patients. Typical snowbirds plus typical understaffing. If you can survive Delray though, you can make it almost anywhere. Good luck on Neuro/Tele. It's a hell of a floor for a new grad but if you survive you'll be amazing.
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    I keep hearing that and it has me nervous. Thanks for the input.
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    Dangerous place to work. I value my license. Be careful.
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    I do as well, but I will be training until the end of November. More than I would receive with any other hospital. Usually, you get 6 weeks of floor training, then your on your own. With this grad program, it last 4 months. It consist of classroom training, plus floor training. I prefer the longer training.
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    I work at delray in another dept as a unit secretary and neuro tele is a sister unit. They always have a shortage of nurses not only in neuro but ALL the tele units. I've been there since october of last year. From all of the new grads I know that work there, I really have not heard anything good. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL if you decide to take a position there. I just finished the lpn program and I was going to stay there while doing the rn bridge. Within a few months I realized there's no way I want to stay there. I'm trying to transfer to somewhere else ASAP! Pm if you need more input. Either way good luck and be careful!
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    Oh wow. That blows. So are these new grads transferring? After speaking with Human Resource, this new grad program is the largest amount they ever had hired. Maybe its to alleviate this shortage of nurses?
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    PM me.
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    Hope u r not working in neuro tele if so try to move to different unit . I moved out of unit within 3months . Worst unit in Hellray ,if u working in days u get 3 admissions back to back and 3 dischrages .I dont think so I would ever do travel assignment again in that unit . Charge nurses sit in bossroom and hand over admission slips . Half of the time u can't find them . No comments on nights
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    Hi tinkchic2121!
    I have an interview tomorrow at 2 pm at Delray with a 12-member panel and 3 other new grads. My understanding is that EVERYONE inteviews at the same time. I was wondering if you had to go thru the same and how it went. Also, any advice on type of questions they normally ask?

    Last but not least, how did the residency program go? Was it what they described it to be? Was it helpful?

    I believe I read one of your others posts on how you're doing & I'm nervous now. I hope things have gotten better.

    Any advice you feel comfortable sharing would be most appreciated.


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