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Miami Nursing for New Grads - page 2

Anyone know of good hospitals in Miami for new grads?... Read More

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    Quote from jallen326

    I would like to relocate to Orlando or Tampa. How easy was it to find a job and what are the best hospitals in that area. I am an ER nurse but I am also studying nursing informatics as well. That's what I want to end up doing.
    It was much easier to find a job in Orlando comparing to south Florida. I'm sure you will find a job quickly, as you have experience. In Orlando they have Orlando health and Florida hospital. Both are great companies but Florida hospital pays a little more. I don't know too much about Tampa, sorry. I just know the cost of living of both Orlando and Tampa is about the same but Tampa might be a little cheaper.
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    Does anyone know if MIAMI CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL offering a nurse internship this fall?