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Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list from previous students, please... Read More

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    Has anyone in the bridge program received anything? We got orientation on Nov. 29.

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    Quote from MiamiE
    Has anyone in the bridge program received anything? We got orientation on Nov. 29.
    I haven't received anything yet
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    Serranodv, Yes, it is the same book list as far as I know.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to see if there were any members on this post that have been accepted into the Generic Part-Time Program for 2013.

    In an effort to build support, study groups, and network with each other to succeed to the best of our abilities I will be trying to put together a Facebook group (specific for Part-timers) and a spreadsheet of our collective contact info that we can give to each other.

    My name is Gayon Nikki and my email address is gwelltravaille AT gmail DOT com.
    I am definitely excited for next year as we embark on our respective nursing careers together.

    P.S. I strongly believe that we can succeed to a higher degree working together. It would be awesome to hear everyone's experience so far from administration, the process of getting their provisional items, etc.
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    I think they went to facebook. Im gonna reactivate my facebook account today and join in there.
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    Hi Guys

    Congratulations on your acceptance!!! I'm already in 3rd semester of the generic full-time at the Medical Campus. I was just passing by to wish you luck & I really hope you like nursing school.
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    So went to Uniform City and they wouldn't honor their website price for this stethoscope, so I'm buying this one. They wanted $85 when their online price was $70. I also plan to get another pair of Cherokee 4000 scrubs. I haven't found this scope cheaper really than $70. - Anyway, I know I've posted this scope before but I like them. I saw the blue one at the store and I liked that color too. As for clothes- if you're a guy, don't expect much. They also don't have much of a selection of the hunter green. If you're a gal, wide assortment. Oh well, maybe I'll take up sewing too. 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Burgundy Tube, 28 inch, 2211: Health & Personal Care
    Name:  51IS0q7FzDL._SL1000_.jpg
Views: 323
Size:  34.3 KBSo this will be my scope when it's delivered. It gets good ratings and meets our requirements.
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    Hey guys...I got here in error finding actually blogs for the BSN...However, from one that graduated just this past April from MDC with an ADN, here are my two cents...
    DO NOT spend a fortune for a stethoscope, most of us did not spend over $30 and some have even forgotten them at rotations. No matter how much you spend, buy a tag that has your name and cell # in case someone finds it.
    DO NOT buy all your textbooks at once, I used a Med-Surge book one edition older than the one suggested from Ebay and it was awesome, it was almost brand new, came with the code and CD. The new one costs around $150 give or take, I got mine for less than half.
    DO NOT make a huge study group, these tend to become more for socializing and you really want to study. Also remember, one learns when one teaches, and the group members must have some things in common. Example, if you are single and have all the time in the world, you may not fit well with someone who has children with a very limited time. If you are a morning person and like to study really early in the morning, you may not want to pair up with a nightowl. So pair up accordingly, and make is small enough that it will not become a party. Each group member must bring something to the table. Every little thing helps.
    IF you did not get accepted, do not sweat it, take pre-requisites that you will need for the BSN while you wait for the admission letter. TRUST me, you will want to get your BSN, I have still yet to find a job, but the job fair I went to this past October, emphazised how many hospitals want to apply for magnet status and BSN will be what they will hire. Holy Cross is one such hospital, they will only hire BSN.
    Though microbiology lab is not required to get accepted to the ADN, it will be a requirement to get into the BSN, so it does not hurt to take it along with the lecture class.
    You will be hit with the humble reality that having a 4.0 GPA in nursing school, while doable, is difficult. Do your best, apply yourself, and accept that nursing school is like no other education you have gotten so far. This will start to sink in when you get to Med-Surge.
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    PART 2....

    Get involved with the Student Nurse's Association.
    Dr. Yates, and Prof. Constance Miller, are awesome - they may look intimidating, but are really awesome if they see you are interested. If you have the opportunity to take Roxana Orta, you hit the jackpot, she is the MOST PRO student professor you will ever meet. Prof. Monique Roger-Walker is awesome at Peds, as well as Annette Tomlinson - she teaches both peds and OB. I have never taken Prof. Neaty, but been told she is also great. For med-surge, the best was Prof. Valdes, he is not longer there, his class was hard, but boy you learned so much with him. Saddly the professor I had for psyche is no longer there. Prof. Maria Alvarez....she loves her reputation of being mean, but she too has a soft heart, you have to dig in for it, but she is also awesome. For CLINICALS, you have Prof. Gayle Babley - she will make you work and will keep you longer, but she really prepares you, I took two clinical rotations with her, that is how great she is . Also, Adelaide Murray for Advanced Med-Surge. FOR SKILLS Prof. Dolce and Carter for skills were the sweetest professors with an interest for you to succeed.
    You are now in a different league, so please behave accordingly (like an adult), may sound condescending, but I have seen first hand how some students behave like they are still in highschool. This is the major leagues, be RESPECTFUL always.
    One thing I did not do, that I wished I had, is ask for a letter of recommendation after EACH clinical rotation (is best from your clinical instructor), do not wait until the end of your program after I did, I went through a lot just to get the ones I had. These professors have tons of students, and it is hard for them to remember. SHOW UP ON time, especially at clinicals.
    All professor I had allowed us to tape the lectures, but still ask at the beginning of the semester and if you can, try to get a recorder that has a flash drive like I did, then pass them into your computer and then to CDs and listen to them in the car - unless your car system can play USB. Every moment that you have to study is well spent...going to change the car oil, read nursing material while waiting, going out to do your laundry, there goes the books too, you get the drift?
    Be kind and supportive of each other, and this is so true. Some students even at this point are still in competition mode, you are already in, and remember, just because you are not having any issues with one class, does not mean you will not struggle the next. Is like you scratch my back I will scratch your back kind of thing...did I say it already, help each other succeed? There is nothing nicer than to start together the program and all graduate together. In my cohort not all made it
    Try your best to stay away from drama in your private life and school. You need to stay focused. Besides you will notice how little time you will have to do the things you were able to do before nursing school, especially if you are doing the accelerated program - oh boy, do I feel for you.
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    Part three and hopefully my last (sorry just trying to pay it forward with wisdom)

    Have a positive attitude, nursing is hard, but if you make the best of it, it will not be as difficult.
    If you have too much distractions at home (like children or family) I found Barnes & Nobles and Starbucks (start asking for gift cards for those stores for the coffee now), great to studying, as well as the Success Center and the library in school. Also our study group would stay meet for studying in the halls that separate the buildings in the medical campus, there are tables and chairs there, or take turns in meeting in each other's houses - the latter is great doing your Assessment class, you can assess each other, and practice with your family members too.
    Understand that your house may not look like it did before - spotless, as you will find yourself short of time, remember, this goal. Your area of study must be clean though, you will need clarity and focus.
    Do questions at least weekly on your ATI, each semester you will have an ATI exam that is worth 5% of your grade and trust me, some of you will need EVERY point to pass. You may like this inside information, now I am not sure if this is done every year, but at our pinning this student got a prize, cannot remember how much, for being the one that logged in the most to the ATI website. Again, it may have been a one time thing, but you never know
    During clinicals, get in there, get your hands dirty, if you have the opportunity to do something DO IT, the experience you will get is invaluable.
    Start saving some money now, little by little, like a dollar here and there, so that after you graduate you invest in ACLS, PALS, a basic EKG course or telemetry course, it will make your resume stand out from the others - I sometimes feel it has yet to benefit me, but in all truth, is the recession that is making it hard for some of us to get hired.
    If some of you can get your foot in the door NOW and work for a hosptial as a CNA or LPN, you will have an advantage to be hired after you become an RN.
    DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG to take your boards, the sooner you take it, the more success you will have -- this is proven.

    This is a great profession that right now is going through a recession, I will not deceive and tell you that I do not get discouraged sometimes...keep going forward. Get your BSN, try to start applying for internships before graduation if you can - this part I did not know until now that I am job hunting. Memorial hires first their students who they have given scholarships then they look for outside, but I believe they only give it Broward Community College, but if some of you can find out if you can qualify, I can tell you it will be worth it, is an awesome hospital to get in if you can.

    Wishing you all much success
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