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Does anyone know when MDC starts sending out acceptances for the Accelerated Program for Fall 2010?... Read More

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    I'm taking my science prereq's at mdc and only have micro, chem lab and dep2000 left for spring. I've also looked into other schools but it seems mdc has the overall best for seems to be a really good program and the cost is low compared to a lot of other schools. I'm not married and have no kids so I don't have to worry about the commitment as far as family goes. And I do have a 4.0 so from what I've been reading on here I should be ok as long as I keep it and do well on the Teas V exam. It looks like the generic program is only 1 semester longer but I asked an advisor at med campus if summer was also counted as a semester and never got a direct answer. If I do the accelerated starting aug 2011 would I be done aug 2012? And if I did the generic would I be done dec 2012.
    I'm so glad I found this site. Thanks for your help!

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    It is so exciting and nerve wracking all in one. I hope to see you on campus. Study well.

    Generally, the standard generic and accelerated programs are setup with no breaks.
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    If you get a chance speak to some of the accelerated nursing students. They have a very high success rate. That is relatively speaking not that many quit. It is just all consuming time wise. Heard positive things on the side lines about it. The funny thing is that more generic students quit than accelerated even though it is slower. Go figure.
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    More generic students quit? I would think it would be the opposite. I looked at the curriculum for both programs and it looks like the first semester is a double load for the accelerated program (20 credit hrs vs 10) but the next 2 semesters look about the same. I don't know if the website's curriculum is accurate though. There is probably more correct info from the students posting on this site!
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    I am about to start the accelerated program this fall...I imagine everyone is in the field already. Can you please tell me how you starting to get ready for the first semester?...I am currenly read/wrote notes on half of fundamentas syllabus...and started on the other classes today...just wanted to hear from you what to expect on the first semester (which I am most concerned on- 21 credits).....thank you for your help!!!!
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    I am in the generic nursing program. For me, it was important to have my personal life very organized. All time consuming issues or problems handled. Also, my family time was important, so I worked out a method for us to stay in contact, but that still allowed me to concentrate on my school work.

    It is my time management skills that make the difference and your stress management techniques and your support system.

    I like the reviews and rationales series, and would consider studying them and more importantly taking the tests that they have prior to the classes. You do not have enough time to do all of the reviews and rationales for the first semester, but I would do it for the toughest classes. Not sure for you accelerated but for generic that would have been fundamentals, med surg, and pharm drugs not calculations. I would also consider using the Davis Success study guides for the toughest classes for the fall. I would study the most difficult subjects over the break.

    I would also learn how to read volumes of information quickly. That ultimately is the skill that pulls me through besides knowing how to study based on your strengths. Above all else just keep calm and keep moving forward.

    Best of Luck.

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