Miami Dade College 2009- Acceptance Letter (find out before you get accept letter)

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    Hello all.

    So I have an informative, open-ended question for those students applying for MIAMI DADE COLLEGE for Spring 2009 Nursing....

    Yesterday, I checked my degree audit online ( as I always do, at least once a week). But yesterday, for the first time, I noticed something new that popped up on my audit.
    My degree audit NOW reflects a field that indicates:


    Just as curiosity, does anyone else see the same thing on your degree audit, or know what this is?

    Does this mean I was accepted in the nursing program? I'm assuming there has to be a preliminary step done in the system, before they actually begin to mail out the nursing program acceptance letter.


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    Hi RNRDH,
    Have you gotten any notice from MDC yet?
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    Yes, I was accepted into the Bridge option. The letters are being mailed; should hear from the school very soon. What option did you apply to?
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    Hi RNRDH,
    I applied to the Generic Nursing program for Spring 2009, and I received my acceptance letter Monday that just passed :spin::spin:
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    Is there a waiting list?
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    No waiting list. If you do not get in then you have to reapply again for the next semester. The next semester for nursing starts in the fall. I hear that the GPA needed to get in is a 3.5, but I do believe if you have a little lower then that, you can still get in with no problem.
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    rnrdh i just e-mailed you. thanks!
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    So excited about the end of this month already!
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    every body has the same I already check with some of my friends, Yhe wait is driving me crazy.
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    I don't have that on my degree audit at all. I just applied for the both the LPN prgram and the part-time RN program for which the deadline is tomorrow. So, I will not know until June or July if I was accepted or not.

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