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If you've done or know anyone that has done the LPN in Mercy Hospital..I just want feed back on the school, teachers and how are the classes. Thanks...:wink2:... Read More

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    is mercy program asking for a 2.0 gpa or 3.0?

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    loved mercy got my LPN there in 2002 , flirt with MR westfall and maybe he can move you up on the list LOL GOODLUCK PPL its an awesome school, my RN was a BREEZE
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    Hey, I am preparing to take the test at mercy hospital, and I would love if anyone could tell me what to expect on the test, how hard is it?? What subject is the hardest??? Does the book that they sell is really helpful and I can relay on it to study???please I am really nervous, thank you very much!!!
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    Just wondering, did you pass the exam?
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    hey guys. i just got accepted to their lpn to rn program. Got the student handbook and realized they aren't accredited i know the major hospitals won`t hire you unless you attended an accredited RN program. Any of you graduated the RN program and know if they`re going to be accredited at all ? ugh I`m all stressed and worried now :|
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    You should definitely look into that, you don't want to complete a program that is not accredited. I'm awaiting my acceptance letter for the LPN program at Mercy, I'm just curious when did you receive you letter?
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    there needs to be a graduating class before they can be accredited for the RN program.... has there been a RN program graduate already?

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