MDC new requirements Spring 2011

  1. Is anyone here going for Mami Dade College ASN program for Spring 2011. they have new requirements, TEAS test and gpa based SOLELY on natural science gpa

    the science gpa will be all anatomy, micro lecture, and chem lect + lab. wanted to know what the applicant pool numbers were looking like!
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  3. by   Shamanai
    Anybody out there? LOL i wonder if we have to take the new Teas V.... I took Teas back at FSU and scored an 82% w/ out studying.... so idk... feel free to add on... I'm new here:-)
  4. by   missy23pap
    Im thinking you took the teas IV at fsu thats a lot easier than the V version. Well iam applying to MDC and BCC, I happy MDC decided to use the TEAS V. Some of us who actually study for our grades can get in.
  5. by   Shamanai
    It was the Teas 2.0 according to the ATI website... and yea I agree with those of that study for grades!!!
  6. by   navy_corpsman1891
    I think you have to take it again because of the version. I just got my acceptance letter last week for the spring 2011. I wish you all luck!
  7. by   jessy2617
    for those of you guys that also got your acceptance letter for spring 2011 ASN in MDC do you know if all the tests (5-panel drug, etc.) need to be turned at orientation? or can we turn it in before??
  8. by   navy_corpsman1891
    @jessy2617: STEP 3 of the required things to do don't have deadline, BUT need to be done before January. So that means just get it done asap.
  9. by   jessy2617
    @navy corpsman.. but step 3 says that it has to be turned in by the 26th, that has me kinda worried. I also went to the nursing department to ask and they told me to turn it in at orientation...
  10. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    They say that it should be done by orientation
  11. by   Shamanai
    congrats on getting in guys!!! i was gonna apply for fall 2011.. do you mind sharing your gpas and teas scores?
  12. by   navy_corpsman1891
    @ jessy2617 and TammyRRT-NPS:

    yes it does state that, but lets be logic. A background check takes a week or more to be done. I knew this because I stopped by at MDC police office in campus. My appt is on 26October2010. I have proof that I have an appointment and its paid, that's all I got. Now the drug test and titers, they take at least 2-3 weeks to get the results. I have done them, just waiting for the results, which will not happen. Getting an appointment with the family doctor is impossible too, because it is all minute and they are booked (unless go to physical places that came along with the packet and pay). The due date is on 28October2010. There is now way it will be done. I am actually going to ask Romalia today about this concerns. The school cannot turn us away because we didn't do the STEP 3 in time. We already paid for our spot (STEP 1). It might just affect us on registering classes. I'll let you guys know after I talk to Romalia. Ok, gtg. I am late for class! Congrats everyone! See you in orientation.
  13. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    Yea. Well I got accepted in the bridge option so my orientation is nov. 4. Hopefully I have enough time
  14. by   navy_corpsman1891
    Update: I talked to Romalia and she said what I told you guys. Finish everything asap, if you cannot finish it by October 28, its ok. Just let her know that we are pending on something. =) Good luck everyone!