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Hi Everyone, So far it appears like I've only been accepted into the part-time RN program at (Miami Dade College) for August 2011 (Fall 2011). There is another LONG thread for MDC Fall 2011, but it isn't specific... Read More

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    Hi there Part Timers,
    I will be starting the Part Time program at MDC in Spring 2012. Does anyone know how/if Financial Aid or Federal Student Loans work for the PT program? To qualify for either, I understand you need to be taking 6 or more credits and there are semesters when the PT program only has 2 credits?? I applied, but I'm unsure...

    Thanks guys!

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    Wow Fem! Sure glad you passed the class. Does MDC allow one to report the issues with items on test not covered? If these are things that you were expected to know or will need to know as an RN, they should have been taught or at least mentioned in the classroom... Hmmm... Anyway, thanks for sharing these things...

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It is so much appreciated!!

    I'm trying to start a Spring 2012 Part Time thread but have no responses yet. We'll see..
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    When I left the pharm/math final exam, I sweated for a few days before final grades were posted. I was relieved to have earned a B. I truly was worried I may have not passed the class. (Depending on how others did on final exam & depending on how Professor handled the issue). I was so relieved to have received a B.

    Immediately after the exam, there were many "hot" students. Many were going to complain to chairperson, etc. But the smart thing to do (which they did) was wait and see what the actual grades posted were. As it turned out, only 5 of 40 did not pass the class. And apparently those odds are good. I've heard of other professors being willing to flunk 20-25% of the students (and get away with it ... with the superiors).

    I've tried from day one to get an answer from MDC about their graduation rate. But they avoid the question. Give circuitous answers. They just want to tout their NCLEX passing rate. Which is good to know. But that info doesn't tell you your chances of getting THROUGH RN school in order to take the NCLEX.

    Back to the SURPRISE Pharm Math final exam: So, I was on good terms with the Prof & asked if we could review my exam so I could make sure I learn the things I did not know how to do on the exam. I am quite sure I will need to know how to do them for future classes. Prof was kind to me and spent an hour reviewing the items I found challenging. Prof also told me that this type of exam will be common in my future at MDC as MDC expects you to be able to APPLY THE CONCEPTS GIVEN NEW INFORMATION. But it is difficult to apply concepts under test conditions when you have not been exposed - in advance - to the material. JUST MY OPINION. There are other students who were able to do this. So, perhaps it is just a challenge for me? You may not find it problematic!

    I think we had 12 A's, 14 B's, 9 C's, 4 D's & 1 F for the class.
    Again, from hearing the students talk after the exam, I am confident MANY students failed the final exam. Some worse than others.

    YOU ARE WELCOME for the info. I was so thankful for those before me willing to share any tidbits of what to expect, how to survive, etc... it is only fair I do the same & pass along my experiences.

    Part time blog Spring 2012 - Good luck. I found that not many people posted. Which is fine. SO LOOK FOR THE FULL-TIME BLOG, TOO FOR SPRING 2012. Not everything applies, but still it is helpful.

    BE WELL. And using my friends new lingo... UBF = You'll be fine.

    P.S. We just had our medication administration exam. (injections, oral meds, etc)
    Many students were "shaking like it was 20 degrees outside". It was the hardest exam in Fundamentals Skills Lab... as you cannot practice injections during lab practice hours.... as the professor must be present while practicing with needles (during class time). So be prepared accordingly. Probably the hardest part wasn't the actual injections, but finding the right meds, knowing what they were for, & doing the appropriate assessment bedside before injecting the mannequin / Patient. You have a 20 minute timer ticking fairly loudly which doesn't help, either. Be sure you know "HAMs" = high alert meds which require assessment prior to giving meds. Also requires signature of 2nd RN.

    OK. I probably have said too much. LOL.
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    LOL FEM I was going to text you to see how you did in your med admin test... good thing I came here first. You are too funny! I am glad you passed! I told you you'd do fine :P
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    Hello all!!I am waiting on acceptance to part time program fall 2012. Does anyone have any books or copies of notes/handouts they would be willing to sell? Good Luck!
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    It is a bit of a surprise this thread is still open.

    yes, I graduated from MDC.
    Great GPA. who hoo! No retaking classes. Who hoo! Passed NLEX 1st attempt 75 Questions. Who Hoo.

    In retrospect, here are my opinions about RN School:
    MDC was a Better Choice than Broward College or expensive non-State accredited schools.
    Be Professional & Courteous to All Faculty.
    Be Thankful for those brilliant yet very kind professors. Yes, I found a few!
    Be thankful for the difficult professors (helps you prepare for the real world).
    Study like it is more important than breathing.
    Make time for distraction & recuperation (movie, exercise, dance, etc)
    Take One Day At A Time.
    Advise from students ahead of you is often helpful.
    if you can work part-time (non-RN position) in an acute care facility prior to graduation,
    ... it paves the way for employment at that hospital.
    Start trying to figure out your personality type & interests. As there are many options once becoming a nurse.
    Be helpful to those struggling or retaking classes. No need to be denigrating or critical.
    Understand the class pass/fail rate. (We lost about 50% of classmates at Med-Surg & Pharm).
    ... We started with about 42 and about 14 were still together at the end.
    ... Some changed to full-time & grad early, others fell behind & hopefully grad later.
    Once you graduate, don't think you are "all that"... You have just enough info to begin learning in a hospital.
    Often the ADN is enough to get employment at some hospitals.
    Other Hospitals require BSN to be considered for employment.
    Seems like plenty students intend to work full-time & go for the BSN part-time.
    The BSN seems to be the wave of the future. (Can get a job subject to finishing BSN in 2-3 years)
    Keep your grades up if you intend to go for BSN or beyond. Even some employers have a minimum GPA requirement.

    and finally, remember, opinions are like doorknobs, every house has a bunch of them.

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