MDC Fall 2011 =)

  1. Hi guys! Who else is applying for MDC Fall 2011?

    I am also applying for FIU-- I was accepted last year to MDC but for financial and personal reasons could not attend. :'( Who else will be applying to Generic FT? Please state what program you will be applying to!

    I will be taking the TEAS sometime in March, in which I will also be taking the HESI A2 for FIU. So I might as well be studying for both, lol. Anybody taken the TEAS at MDC? Share your experiences here! I will be using a general book for nursing school entrance exams... it's by Barron... and I will be studying my math from a nursing calculation book, and my sciences from my anatomy, biology, and other notes. Is it true there is geology on the exam? How irrelevant... lol

    Well good luck to us all! :heartbeat
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  3. by   futrn
    hey on eagles wings I just found this thread. =) I'm also applying for mdc fall 11' generic program. I already wrote about the TEAS a bit on the mdc spring 11' new requirments thread but I wanted to recommend ATI TEAS V study manual and online practice tests, besides looking over some of my a & p, micro and chem notes it was all I used to study and I think it really helped me. good luck!
  4. by   on eagles wings
    Hi Marah1984! I don't have the manual but I think I might get it, just to see the format. I too am looking over my A&P and other notes as well. I hope it will be enough! Is it true there is like physics on the TEAS V?
    Oh and do you know if they will be offering the Baptist Scholars Scholarship for this coming fall? I really hope so, that would be so awesome... There are barely any new jobs for new grads apparently, so what a great opportunity it would be to get that.

    Good luck to us!
  5. by   Shamanai
    Hey all,

    @on eagle wings, i don't remember there being much physics. Mostly bio anatomy and chem/organic. Good luck!!! Hope to see we're all together this fall! I turned in my app yesterday. also we're all over at the spring '11 forum as well
  6. by   futrn
    Hey yea sorry for the late reply I don't remember much physics on it either...look over the sun section and potential vs. Kinetic energy. But yea like Shamanai said mostly Chem and a & p. Good luck!
  7. by   on eagles wings
    Thanks guys Exactly 3 weeks and I'll be taking it. The ATI book is in transit... hope it helps... been studying AP again and some chem.... but not sure if I am under or over studying...
    Did you guys have questions about glycolysis, fermentation, etc? I am nervous about the chemistry and math. What did you guys use to study? I took chem a year ago so I am going to brush up using my olllld chem text book.

    Does MDC give you your scores right away?

    Thanks guys. BTW I forgot.... the application is at the Medical Campus right, not online?
  8. by   futrn
    Hey I don't remember any glycolisis or fermentation questions...what I used to study was the ATI guide and their two online practice exams and some notes from my classes. They were very helpful. You do get your scores right away. They will give you one official copy that you use for your application and one copy for yourself. I really didn't think the science was too bad I got an 85%, Reading wasn't bad either I got an 85% there too. Math I thought was very basic...not bad at all I am still taking college algebra and I got a 90%, what killed me was the grammar section I only got a 66% this really brought down my score so study your grammar unless you know it really well already good luck! Oh yeah, I am pretty sure you have to go down to medical campus to turn in your app.
  9. by   on eagles wings
    Thank you Marah! Woo can't wait to get everything done. Did you guys get the Spring Open House invitation for the Med Campus? Its the same day of my TEAS, so I am totally going. If anyone else is going let's meet up! It would be great to finally get to meet some of you guys early on, lol. =)
    I'd really like to go to meet some of the teachers and other students applying.. they are going to talk about scholarships which is another thing I am obviously interested in.

    If you haven't gotten it(yet) go to to make a reservation.
  10. by   futrn
    Hey I will be at the open house too with one of my study buddies from last semester =) Yea...even though I am taking a class at Med Campus this semester I still really do not know my way around so I figured it would be a good time to take a tour of campus...and find out about financial aid. I have gotten to see some of the facilities during my class though and the labs look teacher told us the labs are open from 8-4:30 M-F to practice our skills so that is really nice...I am practicing b/p like crazy on my family at home haha...just got my stethascope =) I want to know of any other books I can read over the summer to help me prepare too...I know I am a big nerd haha! My teacher suggested already getting the fundamentals book even if it an older version so I am definitely gonna do that...but I am gonna ask at the orientation as well...
  11. by   on eagles wings
    Awesome! I learned how to take BP in AP lab lol so I do it often on my hypertensive grandma! Hey its great to learn little stuff like that. I too am wondering what to read over the summer. I made a post like that on the general nursing student forum and was told once to study AP a lot.
    I am going to buy netter's physiology book and learn some harder concepts(especially cardiopulmonary and neuroendocrine!). I also want to get a nursing math book and work on some basic problems. I guess this will help a lot. I have a nursing fundamentals book and a physical assessment book (they were seriously under 5 bucks) and I am going to go over the nursing process and whatnot. Amazon has really cheap books so I didn't mind getting them way ahead of time!

    obviously you and i are huge nerds LOL but i figure that attitude is whats going to get us through!!!

    BTW the fundamentals book I got was from reviews and rationals... those books are AWESOME. i got the one for nutrition, fluids/electrolyes, and patho. All the info is in bullets, it has pre and post tests for each section, and has case studies. I bought the older editions. WAY cheaper than in B&N!

    I would love to take a tour and meet some professors. I've never really been further from the info desk at the SoN, so I'd love to see a lab or class. HOW EXCITING!!!!

    Wow I can't wait to start
  12. by   futrn
    Thanks for the book ideas!! I am gonna go on Amazon and see what I can find =)
  13. by   on eagles wings
    Hey Marah!
    I took the test on Wednesday & got an 86. My science GPA, I believe, is 3.9... I'm not worried about my GPA, but do you think the TEAS is a little low?
    Either way, I surprised myself because I got really bad scores on the practice exams. On the first one I got a 64 I actually cried that night because I thought I wasn't going to pass!!! God is Good

    Did you end up going to the Open House? I couldn't go.
  14. by   futrn
    Hey! An 86 is really really good! And with a 3.9 gpa I think you will have no problem getting in! Actually I think our points are about the same when you figure it out by percentage, around 90.5 points, I feel like that is a pretty high number and we will get in! Congratulations! I did go to the open house it was nice and informative...met a couple of professors and current students. Got to see some of the lab dummies we will be using and whatnot and my friend won the thousand dollar scholarship! The anticipation for that acceptance letter is gonna kill me and I havn't even turned in my app yet HaHa!