Looking for anyone who is starting keiser career college in jacksonville florida

  1. 0 Anxious to know when the lpn program start.here?
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    Best to call the school and ask. Better yet, go online and find the school calendar.
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    Thank u I did I went in today and I have to take and pass the teas test could u give me some tips on that bcuz I have jus one week to study but im looking for like pr as ctice online teas test do u know any for free and thanks for being the.first.person to respond
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    Google TEAS test and you'll find lots of practice tests and information. YouTube also has good videos. There are 4 sections, English, Math, science, and reading. Every section you must pass individually with specific scores than t depend on every school. For Keiser I think the minimum is 56% for science, 78% for math and English and maybe 70% for language. I might be off a few digits. If you fail one of these you can pay $50 again for each that you have to retake. I do suggest you give yourself more than 1 week to study. It is a very comprehensive test withies to freshen up on. I don't know how long you have been out of school for but in my case I graduated HS in 91 and studied for 3 months and still did poorly on it. Later enrolled in a school that does not required thenTEAS for admission. There are lots of posts on this information here on AN. Good luck!
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    Great that is exactly what im doing now and i have to get a 50% over all so i guess that means 50%or higher on each indivisual test itself she then said like give myself wiggle room so score high as i could on each one so let me ask when she says 50% over all is that what i said really means
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    I think overall it's a 74 but like I said before, for keiser you have to pass each individual subject with their specific %. Science is the lowest. I'm not home but later I let you know the exact numbers.
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    I am also interested in the lpn program how much does the program cost? How long is the program?What is the class schedule like? Good luck on your test
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    I don't think Keiser has an LPN program. LPN programs vary. Depends on the school you go to. From what I heard there are no pre-reqs and it takes about a year to do. Personally I would not so an LPN program. As an OB Scrub Tech I pretty much make what an LPN makes and to stay where I am in L&D I need to be an RN at least so I'm going for a BSN. Start my nursing classes in the fall.
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    Only certain Keiser campuses offer LPN.

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