How do you calculate your PSB-NAT score?

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    I'm applying to FCCJ Fall 2009 and am taking the PSB-NAT this Thursday. I've searched through several threads about FCCJ and the NAT but can't find how they calculate your score. I've seen a lot of but don't quote me, "I was in the 98th percentile in 2 sections and the 91st in one. My raw score *.64 was 112". I have no idea what that even means. So they'll give me a raw score immediatley after I take it online and I multiply that by .64 to get the actual score? Or are they going to give me the exact number score I'll write on my application? I'm a nerd about my grades.

    If everything stays the way it is now with this semseter, I'll be applying to the program with straight A's which gives me 104 points (I'm currently enrolled in Micro for the summer) so basically the PSB NAT is going to determine if I've secured my spot or not. I'm pretty confident but incredibly anxious considering it would mean I'd have to take it again before the end of May. I don't know how long I would have to wait to retake it. I just know I can't take it more than twice in one year. I know what the test consists of and feel I'm very ready but need some insight please...

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    OK, I wouldn't sweat the NAT. Personally I thought that it was easy.

    After you have finished the test, the monitor will give you a print out of your scores. At the top is "Raw Score" row and underneath that is "Percentile".

    Look at the bottom and you will see each column identified. Fourth column is "Academic Aptitude - Total" two to the right is "Reading Comprehension" followed by "Information in the Natural Sciences". Take the Raw score at the top of each of those columns and add together. ie: 63 + 33 + 79 = 175. Take that and multiply by .64 (175 x .64 = 112). That is your NAT score the school will use. Add your 104 (104 + 112) and you would have 216 points.

    (Can we all guess that you used my prev post? LOL)

    For me, my grades gave me 107. Add the 112 and my points were 219.

    Good Luck!
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    LOL yes, it was your post that I tried to quote from. Thank you so much for the info.

    Someone in my CHM1032 class took it Tues and I saw her scores today (her print out) so I know what the end result will look like and what to look for. I think I'll do fine on the test. Kind of a personal goal to surpass 200 points to apply with.

    I hope this helps others with the same question

    Did I mention how much I love this site?!?! This place is a plethora of information
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    That was my goal too! I was stoked to get 219!

    I think you will do fine. Check back and let us know how you did!
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    I know this is an older thread but I just took my NAT and no one at the college would tell me what my results mean.

    I thought the maximum score on the NAT was 120? Using the formula above (Academic Aptitude + Reading comprehension + Natural Sciences summed and multiplied by .64) It's possible to score much higher than 120 points. What happens then? Is there a different formula being used or do they just cap your points at 120 even if you score higher?
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    You could be using the wrong numbers and that is what is giving you such a high score. Considering most of my scores were in the 98th %ile, I can't see how anyone could have over 120. I would almost need to see your score to know if you are using the right numbers or not.

    Academic Aptitude Total is the composite of the 3 Academic areas, so you don't add them you take the total only. At 98%ile, I had 63 pts.

    Why don't you share what numbers you are using and we might be able to help.
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    I had 69 pts in Academic Aptitude, 38 in Reading Comprehension, 83 in Natural Sciences (and 33 in Spelling if that matters).

    What did you end up with as your NAT score with your point totals if you don't mind my asking?

    Thx for responding by the way. I can't seem to stop obsessing about this because I have a "C" in Microbiology that I transferred in and I'm pretty sure I just missed an "A" in A&P I by 4 points (out of 1000 possible). That's 2 four hour courses that I'm definitely not getting all the points from.
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    Well, those #'s do compute to 121.5.... interesting. I would venture to guess that they would max you out at 120.

    WRT to your GPA points.... if you only got 80 pts, you would have 200 overall and that is more than enough for acceptance! I really wouldn't sweat it.

    My NAT points was the 112 you see in my first post here. I got a B in A&PI. (I did get an "A" in Micro). Anyway, my point total for the courses came to 107. I applied with 219 pts. The lowest for last term was 190. (I think anyway....), so when you are over 200, it is pretty much a done deal.

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    Thx FLmom.
    The reason I'm obsessing about my point total is because I need evenings & weekends or I just flat can't start nursing school for at least another year after the Summer 2010 term begins and I know there are fewer slots that semester than any other.
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    I think that there are only 24 Eve/WE slots regardless of semester. I think there are less day acceptances....but, I could be wrong.

    I am in the Eve/WE program now.

    Let me know how it goes!

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