Hillsborough Community College RN program fall 2013

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    I plan to attend to HCC's 2013 fall evening nursing program. (applying in Jan) I am curious to see what people people's gpa is going in. I hear spring's is lower than fall's.

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    Hi. I am planning to apply 2013 fall hccfl rn program as well. I still have to take SYG2000 (last prereq.) Overall, I got 3.8.

    Do you have any idea about gpa for spring?
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    Hey! I have to take one last prereq too, whichIi will be doing in next spring semester. Are you taking your last prereq this fall semster or next spring? I heard the GPA to get in for spring is much lower than the fall program. I have a 3.5 in the prereqs, but after I this last class, if I get an A it will bring me to 3.7 which I am hoping will get me in!
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    Due to apply before Jan 15th, 2013 for the RN Program 2013 Fall. we have to finish all the prereq classes this fall semester. If you are planning to take next Spring, you can not apply for Fall 2013. You better check out
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    yea, my registration got messed up after I posted this, so I now have to apply for the spring 2014 program
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    Currently I have a 3.66, but I'm taking Micro this semester so depending on my grade in this class I'll be applying with a 3.72 or 3.58.

    From what I've read on here it seems floor gpa is around a 3.5 (alternates around 3.4) for fall.
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    Hi guys! I just finished my last pre-reqs this past summer and as of the pre-req gpa for nursing: i got all A's and 1 B.
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    Moved to Florida State Nursing Programs forum.
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    it seems if you have higher than a 3.5 you have a fairly good chance at getting in.
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    Hey everyone! I've applied for the Spring 2013 start and am waiting on my acceptance/denial letter which will be here in two weeks! I have a 3.57 currently but am taking Trig this semester to hopefully make an A in case I don't get accepted this time around with my B in Algebra. So...I may be joining you all in applying for Fall start. Will know in two weeks! Good Luck to all of you!

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