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Hello, I plan to attend to HCC's 2013 fall evening nursing program. (applying in Jan) I am curious to see what people people's gpa is going in. I hear spring's is lower than fall's. Thanks!... Read More

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    Hello All, Just wanted to wish everyone Good Luck, I hope you guys get your notices soon. I will be applying to the Nursing program at the end of this semester for Spring 2014 entry and im already starting to get anxious. I can only imagine what you guys are going through now.

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    Ok so we're rolling into the 12th week. I guess this is our week? I just hope that if this takes longer than what was projected, that they at least give us some kind of update so we can have some sanity. Ijs don't wanna have to drive out there just for an update but I will lol so if yall hear something first let me know
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    Nothing in the mail for me : (
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    Hey everyone! After keeping track of all these posts I finally got around to making a username to comment. I applied for the Plant City program with about a 3.5...which makes me super nervous because I know it's pretty much the cutoff. This wait is driving me crazy!
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    Nothing in the mail for me either. I thought about sending them an e-mail asking if we can expect to see something this week or if it will be longer. Anybody wanna dare me?
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    I would personally hold off sending them anything. It will not make it come any faster. I can appreciate the level of frustration you are all feeling. I have come to pretty much expect to wait for everything concerning HCC. Someday this will be a distant memory and we will all be studying our brains out and wish we were just waiting for a letter.
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    Yeah, I think we are all frustrated. But they were closed on Friday, so I don't think we'll get anything this week. My guess, and it's just a guess, would be next week. I'm trying to keep busy, but it's hard. We all worked so hard, but it will come soon.
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    I dare you la1717 lol this is torture really it is a lady in my english class emailed them about her documents not showing received and they said that they have 12-14 before making any decisions and marking documents. Which was odd to me bc i thought they marked your documents as soon as they got ur application bc that was there way of telling you they got your application.
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    12-14wks from Jan 15th.....so this was aweful to hear...dont know if this is true just something i was told
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    So.....i'm guessing this is the wrong time for an April Fools joke??? lol

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