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  1. by   lexuan
    I know the basic RN program has a fall start date but I was told I wouldn't hear anything before mid-March so maybe notifications will go out a little earlier. The waiting really stinks!!!
    Anyone else applying for the transition option?
  2. by   vertuxa
    I received a letter today stating that I am an "alternate" for the LPN-RN transition program. I had a 3.0 GPA for HCC prereqs so I originally never got into RN program. I have completed my LPN at a private school and applied for the transition program, and now it seems that the same admissions policy disqualifies me from transition program as well...

    I will return the "alternate" confirmation tomorrow, but does anyone know how this works? Is there any chance of actually getting into the transition program after being getting an alternate assignment? Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?
  3. by   brandeekins
    I'm sorry, I don't know how the LPN-RN program works, but I wonder if there is a board on here that is specific to that? Congrats on the Alternate though!
  4. by   lexuan
    I have a friend that was an alternate and she and several other alternates did get into the program. Hang in there...with your GPA being a 3.0 I think you have a really good shot!!! I've started a new thread for LPN-RN transition but so far no one has responded.
  5. by   vertuxa
    Hi Lexuan, I responded on your new thread. All LPN-to-RN transition applicants, please post your comments on Hillsborough Community College LPN-RN summer 2012
  6. by   Mdavidson22088
    Yay all my transcripts and requirements finally say received! Ah now the wait. Wonder if there's not as many applicants this semester cuz this thread is empty compared to others...
  7. by   k.2012
    We're hoping that it's a smaller pool of people applying to better our chances of getting in.
  8. by   lhart027
    Hi everyone, I am new to the site. I too applied to the nursing program at HCC, I don't know how they calculate their gpa and my hawnet is also showing that i am missing microbiology which i know i complete (unless they have more than one micro). I don't know my perquisite gpa but i do know i only have to B's. I am here sitting on pins and needles waiting, sooo nervous.
  9. by   dhellwig
    Hey everyone! Hopefully we will all be here soon we got in! lol Anyways I got a problem I have recently moved to Zephyrhills and I unfortunately put DM as my first choice and I have a pretty good gpa but now I would like to go to the Plant City campus bc it would cut my drive in half. Does anyone know if there is anyway I could change it assuming I get in that is. Or if I would be able to switch with someone who really wanted the DM campus and got the Plant City campus. If anyone has any helpful info for me PLEASE let me know! Good Luck to everyone!
  10. by   seriouslyserious
    i changed my primary location from Plant City to Dale Mabry after i turned in my application. they should/will work with you. unless seating is full for that location (remember, higher GPA = 1st priority).
  11. by   k.2012
    From reading previous threads...I think once everyone has been sent acceptance letters with their official campus, you can switch if you find someone willing (which I'm sure wouldn't be an issue, considering how many people want to be at DM). I don't know whether it'd be best to wait it out and see what campus you get or try going to the DM campus to see if you can talk to someone about changing it. Wouldn't hurt to call and ask though.
  12. by   vertuxa
    Hi, I have been offered alternate for LPN-to-RN transition program, and I dropped off my acceptance form at Dale Mabry office. Has anyone in the same position tried to confirm if their form has been received and entered into the system? I feel a little paranoid. I called them and they provided me an email of mslores@hccfl.edu for confirmation, and I wrote to her but got no answer. Any suggestions?
  13. by   k.2012
    well, poo. i was hoping since now that we've made it to march, i'd be able to get a better idea of when letters are going to be sent out...or something. so i emailed the program director...her assistant replied with this:

    "you should receive a letter, either way, in late march or early april."

    nooo!! lol, my heart was crushed when i saw the "or early april". let's hope they go with neither late-march or early-april and we find out mid-march??