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    Woohoo!! The wait is going to be the death of me yet!!! I know the campuses aren't even open and I'm STILL checking my bank account to see if my check for the application fee has been cashed, lol.

    Just an observation I've made since the update thing that allnurses did...umm, didn't we have some more replies to this discussion?! I feel like we're missing some posts on here...lol.
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    I don't remember any that aren't here, maybe they just made it more per page?
    Which campus are you hoping for? Days/nights?

    It will be cool if we are able to "make friends" on here like the other semesters have, and we know who to look for at orientation!
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    I know there were a few replies I made that I haven't seen...I checked out allnurses 'glitch' forum and it said that quite a few discussion replies were lost. I can't seem to remember what my replies were, so obviously not important lol.

    I'm hoping for SouthShore days. What about you? I'm hoping this forum will start getting a little more active so we can "make friends". I know all of those other semesters try to meet up at orientation, we'll have to figure out how to set it up to do that! It would be nice to meet everyone face-to-face after going through the whole waiting process together.
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    I'm going for SS days too!!! I took a few classes there - A&P 1 and 2, dev. psych, math. I live closer to Brandon, but I really like the SS campus.
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    Ahhh, cool! SS seems like it's at the bottom of the list for priority. Exciting to know someone else will be trying to get there in there. I live in Manatee county, but SS is actually REALLY convenient for me. It's a 15-20 minute drive on the interstate and I can get to SS faster than I can the community college here by me. Plus, I really like the close-knit atmosphere at SS, seems less intimidating!! Lol. I tried taking a class at Brandon in the fall, but hated everything about it...the class, the drive to Brandon, and the madness at the Brandon campus! I've taken classes at SS all year...AP1 and 2, micro, and sociology. I'm going to be taking nutrition and english 2 online for the spring to get those 'supplemental' courses out of the way and to keep myself busy while waiting on that letter!!
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    Who did you have for AP and Micro? I had Jaudon for AP both, and Larach for Micro. This semester I'll be taking the rest of the classes for my AA-Liberal Arts: English 2, Astronomy, Connections, computers, and college success. If you aren't set on nutrition, I took Dev Psych with Rivera at SS during summer, and he was awesome.
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    I had Worley for AP and Taylor for micro. Loved them both! I think I'm pretty set on nutrition but I'll keep that in mind because I'm planning on taking dev psych sometime in the near future...maybe over the summer if things aren't too hectic. I recently found out I've got a few health issues that will require some reconstruction in my diet so I'm using it for degree credits and my own personal health, lol.
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    left with a backpack, traveled 3000+ miles, and lived off minimum wage for a year (residency)... for Hillsborough. i hope they calculate my GPA correctly... 3.81. I have a Bachelor in another field and my GPA was under 2.5 (LoL~!) so my options are LIMITED to ONLY HCC.
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    I have faith that you'll get in. And if they don't calculate your GPA correctly, appeal appeal appeal! Never know what kind of mistakes get made while they're going through all of those applications! I'm in the same boat though, HCC is really my only hope because I refuse to go to any of those 'private' institutions (Keiser, Galen, Sanford Brown, etc)! Lol.
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    Okay, campuses are FINALLY open! That means they're going to be updating accounts and such!!! So I checked my webadvisor account and they've added "Applicant/A.D.N. Basic" to my Progress Toward Degree Reqs! Surely this means they've opened my application up and entered me in the system!? Eeeeek! So exciting! Now if they'll just cash the application fee check! This is a bit torturous, but...at least I know they've got me entered in as a nursing applicant!!

    UPDATE! As soon as I posted I checked My Documents (checked earlier today and nothing was there). They've updated that they've got all of my paperwork from the application. YIPPEE!!!
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