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    What's your plan B? Lol

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    I have a few, just incase: prob apply to radiology as well, or SPC nursing program, plan c one of those other schools like Erwin whichever-one is the actual accredited program by the national nursing board or w/e. Or I guess I'll finish my AA at hcc. Ugh I don't like any of those plans lol.. You?
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    I am applying too, I can't wait! I was supposed to apply to start in January but a bad grade in A&P 2 caused me to have a do-over, so now I'm applying for fall.
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    are you currently in A&P like you retook it this semester? What professor do you have for it? Im in AP2 right now and im so stressd about the exam I think Im going to have a panic attack on the actual exam lol
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    I retook it over summer with Jaudon (Same as I had A&P1 with). I got a D with O'Dell - like 70% of my class failed!! I was so upset! Now I'll be going in with only 1 b, so 3.81 gpa. Yay for do-overs!
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    Wow, atleast youre not the ones of us that has to worry about if we will get in or not! Good for you! Thats amazing that you got a B in AP2 in a SUMMER
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    course, thta must have been reaaally tough!!
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    I'll be applying! In the same boat as some of you, can't send my app in until grades are posted at the end of the semester. Super excited though!! Not looking forward to waiting until March for an answer though.
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    Hi!! Im applying too!

    Im a transfer student from Hawaii so I am a little worried that my transcripts will be misread? I have taken A&P twice at two different colleges, so I really hope that they see that and take the higher score. A vs. C. Plus does anyone know what math they will look at? The highest level, the best grade etc. I have the required math plus higher math, I have a C in basic math but A's in college algebra, trig and Calc. I started college way too young (17) and just messed around, now Im more mature and dedicated. I hope it doesn't bite me in the bum. Anyway, Im pretty excited. Im going to send my application in pretty soon so I don't have to worry about it during the holidays.
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    I havent look at the other threads, but do they send out rejection letters as well as acceptance letters?

    Weird question, I know, but it would be nice to know that you have been rejected.. instead of sitting around waiting for an acceptance letter

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