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I currently live in Laurel, MD and work as an OB RN with a BSN. I also have experience working long-term care Per Diem. My husband and I are trying to move to Tampa/St. Pete this August and are in dire need on info. We... Read More

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    Quote from angie o'plasty, rn
    i think i'd come down, rent, and go into a pool position somewhere--say, all children's or st. joseph's, just to get used to the area and feel out the hospital culture.


    can you tell me anything about st. joe's women's in tampa? i'm looking at there as my 1st choice and want to know what's the opinion of that place.

    thanks for your help,

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    i can understand being worried about a particualr travel company by what you read online. but for every bad story your hear there are probably many more good that you dont hear like anything else. as far as relocation nothing says you cant do the travel thing to find a place you want to stay while trying to sell your home in your current location or else storing your stuff until you find a hospital you like. that and one can still get relocation money from a hospital if they want you bad enough- for example the one i currently work for made such an offer during orientaiton no less. as far as the apartment size mine allowed my wife to travel with me and provided a one bedroom at no extra charge- i waived a points reward option to get this. if i wanted a larger apt i could have one- just pay the difference, course the added room/s are not funished like the one bedroom.


    Quote from nursen_99
    hi rjflyn,

    thanks for your reply. i did briefly consider traveling. i thought it'd be a great way to test the waters at some facilities. i decided against it for several reasons.

    one was that i want to take advantage of any relocation $ i can get. i paid a bunch of $ out of pocket to move last yr and i really would prefer not to again this yr, especially since the move to fla will likely cost me much more.

    2nd, my whole family will be moving. i understand that the travel groups tend to provide 1 br apts. i need a 2 br.

    3rd, i keep hearing so many things about people getting screwed by the travel groups that i'm affraid of them. with a new baby, moving, a new area and a new job, i don't know if i can take on fighting w/ an agency in the event that i'd get screwed.

    what about you? who are you with? are they housing your whole family? what hospital are you at now? how do you like it?

    your info is really appreciated.

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    I think somebody posted earlier that Tampa is paying 17-19 for a BSN W/ exp. I think you were misquoted. I was offered a few positions in Tampa, and they were all 19+/hr for a diploma grad with NO experience. There are raises the first year too. I know they pay a wee bit more for BSN, (new grad). Also, If you don't need any benefits, UCh pays (again new grads) very well for opting out of benefits. If you don't mind commuting, look at areas north of Tampa/ St. pete. Trinity is very expensive, but West Pasco is still affordable, as well as Hernando county (a fortune compared to when I lived there 5 years ago, but cheap in comparison to Philadelphia, where I live now)
    I was offered a position at a BIg center city philly hosp. for $24/hr. The benefits were EXPENSIVE, and its almost $10 a day to park. Figure in EXTREME cost of living here, and obscene taxes, and that $19/hr looks good. The comparision of what I sold here(philly) for almost $200/k and what I bought there for 150k is crazy (Housewise)(plus prop. taxes). Plus we want to have kids, and you can't send your kids to public school here. I know you have already moved from Philly, but I guarantee you won't miss the money in comparison to the lifestyle in Fl.

    Was it the OP that asked about St. Joes womens? I have a friend that works there and she loves it. I believe its not for profit.

    Anyway, not to keep babbling, I am excited to move, so I may be a little biased, but really, I have heard a million times that nurses generally make the same throught the u.s. because of the varying cost of living. $24 an hour in Philadelphia is nice, but you won't be moving to the suburbs. $19/hr in fl. is decent, if you live outside the city.

    I was shocked however that our homeowners insurance is actually MORE than our property taxes, and thats in a non-flood zone. (Just a little warning).

    Anyway, best of luck to you!!
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    Hi BonJovi girl,

    I called a couple of places in Tampa and a BSN w/ 1 yr exper, I was told the pay would be about $19/hr. I've only found one paying in the 20's and that's where I am headed. What is UCH? I'd like to talk to them.

    How far is West Pasco from St. Pete? I was looking at Brandon as the prices are still decent. I've been told it's an hour from St. Pete... that's kind of far from the only family I have there. Any idea is appreciated.

    About Philly, I would so not work in CC! Between the traffic in commuting and the $ to park, it's too much of a hassle. The only beauty in any of the CC hospitals is working for HUP because of free tuition to their school. If you are not headed back to school now, I'd look elsewhere. I worked at Frankford-Torresdale and loved it. It's easy to get to (right off 95) and it's free parking. Everything is computerized, the pay is good (I think it's $26/hr base for new grads), it's clean and they offer nice bonuses.

    I also found nicer and better priced housing in the greater Northeast and Bucks County. Bucks Co.'s school system is good also. I'd avoid Philly schools like the plague. I did school nursing Per Diem and swore to NEVER let my kid come anywhere near that school system. It's disgusting.

    Thanks for the comment about St. Joe's Women's. I am definitely going to them. I look forward to my lifestyle in FL. I just need to find nice, affordable housing and I'll be set. :-) I'm very much shocked by how the prices have taken off in St. Pete. It's ridiculous. We were planning on trying to live on 1 income but I guess that's out.

    Thanks so much,
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    just moved here from NYC 3 months ago and presently working med tele at Bayfront. I like the unit - nurse manager and staff in general are supportive to new grad like me. Coming from NYC, i had a huge cut -- from $ 35 to $19/hr. But i work 3 days a week so i cant complain. With no state tax, its more or less comparable and low cost of living. If youre husband is a New yorker, he will find the East Manatee area boring. We live near gandy beach, back of weedon preserve, 15 mins commute to bayfront. We paid 275K (brand new) for a 3 bed house overlooking the preserve. I live the area coz we're near the water and 15-20 mins to tampa, st. pete and clearwater. We miss the energy of NYC but there are a lot of activities in St. Pete downtown on weekends compare to downtown tampa. My hubby work at downtown tampa and he doesnt like it there. Its a ghost town on weekends. Coming from NYC, we like downtown st. pete because its pedestrian friendly -- you can walk from star bucks to baywalk to the pier to vinoy park. And as i said, there are lots of cultural and family activities in dtwon stpete. If i were u, if you can afford to buy a house in old NE, go get one there, there are also new townhouses in our area so PM me if you are interested. We like dtown St. Pete a lot. In fact, we just purchased a new condo on central ave and 10th street and will be moving there once it is finished. We want to walk everywhere just like New york city. But that's just us.... hope this helps u.
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    How far is West Pasco from St. Pete?
    You'd go north about an hour. Tarpon Springs area. Very nice area very suburb and much cheaper.

    Here's a link to a very basic map of surrounding counties.
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    Don't take ACH off your list. Most of us that work here really do like it. The pay isn't great, but the experience you get here is incredible. It is a bonus to get the experience you get here vs TGH or St Joe's. We get the kids no one else can handle.
    I live over by Brandon, actually Apollo Beach 35 minutes usually to ACH/Bayfront. Great housing market out there. There has been alot of issues buying/ building houses in Manatee county lately (good friend is a realtor there). Better to look in Pinellas or Hillsbourogh. Tarpon Springs is nice, but out of the way for most things.
    Anyways, ACH is actually a pretty good place to work. The overtime policy isn't 1/2 bad either. Benefits are pretty good too. The regular peds floors seem to be nice places to work, the ICUs are wonderful. I work NICU and have to say we have our politics and crud, but make the best of it. St joe's is a good hospital, but not the easiest to get to. I would stay away from TGH, I have friends who work there and can't stand it.
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    Quote from nursen_99
    I currently live in Laurel, MD and work as an OB RN with a BSN. I also have experience working long-term care Per Diem. My husband and I are trying to move to Tampa/St. Pete this August and are in dire need on info.

    We moved here from Philladelphia last year for his job. In that process, I took a pay cut from $26/hr base to $22 and had to give back a huge sign-on bonus ($15,000). I figured that was ok since we were moving to this supposedly fabulous area and was told by everyone I would get a pay increase. Not! What I got was a pay CUT, NO sign-on bonus, an increased weekend-committment (from 1 a month to every other), higher and less pleasing childcare, RIDICULOUS HOUSING COST (avg 3 br/2ba home is upwards of $400,000), less to do with my daughter, no family nearby, etc... Needless to say, I am pretty unhappy here. To top it all off, my husband's job has announced they are moving his whole division into Rural, Virginia in a town where there is 1 K-mart and 1 gas station. That's it for me. I can't take anymore. With our 2nd child due in June, we've decided to relocate to St. Pete where we have family and life is more enjoyable. I know I will take another paycut but my quality of life will be much better.

    Now, I have spoken to Bayfront and Children's in St. Pete. I am interested in both. Does anyone know about these 2 hospitals? Reputation among nurses? Pay? Staffing? Bonuses?

    Any other hospitals in the area with better pay and benefits? I am interested in a Baylor program if I can find any in a hospital or nursing home. I'm open to night shift too.

    Any places in Tampa? I would like to find somewhere that i can stay for a while as I will most likely be the breadwinner while my hubby looks for a new job (in case he doesn't get one while we are still here). I know this was a long one but I really could use some help. I scan the papers my sister sends me but I need more info than that. ANY help would be appreciated!

    I too would love to hear from the nurses in that area.
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    I too would love to hear from the nurses in that area.
    What's your specialty?

    Also, it might help to read all the posts in the thread and ask some more specific questions. We'd be happy to help.
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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    What's your specialty?

    Also, it might help to read all the posts in the thread and ask some more specific questions. We'd be happy to help.
    Labor and delivery.

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