Has anyone applied to Florida Hospital Feb/March new grad?

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    Would like to see if anyone has gotten any application status changes or calls. Mine has said "application under initial review" for about 3 weeks. Anyone else?

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    yea mines has been saying the same thing for about 2 weeks
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    Hopefully that is a good sign because I was denied earlier this week. So GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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    you mean they actually changed the status for under initial review to denied this is my 2nd time applying
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    I heard Shands was hiring new RN grads for $10 an hour.
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    I heard Shands was hiring new RN grads for $10 an hour.
    Surely you meant $20/hr.
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    No I did not mean $20 an hour. I was shocked when I saw an ad for Shands saying they were looking for new RN Grads and it most certainly did say that the position was for $10 an hour!!!!!! Sorry but that's the truth. I was amazed !!!!!
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    they emailed me and told me I was denied
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    They've already started conducting interviews.
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    sprwmn, oh really....? what area was this for? have u heard of others being called/interviewed too?

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