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I know that salary is discussed on here all the time and ppl get tired of answering questions....but my question is more in regards to what one makes as a new grad RN and how their pay increases from that point. Does pay... Read More

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    Quote from yajaira
    I think the difference between RN-C and RN-BC is whether or not you are an RN or an RN with a BSN. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
    You're correct. There was a movement to only certifiy BSN's. When they decided that wasn't practical (probably because it would loose them so much money by disqualifying half of us) they decided to offer two exams. The ADN's get the RN-C and the BSN's get the RN-BC.

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    RN starting pay in Panama City, FL is $18.xx-19.xx Kind of low and the cost of living isn't really cheap either. I would love to go to a different area with lower cost of living and higher starting pay but i have worked at this hospital for 2 years as a nurse tech and have gotten to know everyone and have a straight path to ICU. FSUPC and the CRNA program are both offered in my town and so i honestly don't have to go anywhere to get my masters. Thats the only reason i'm staying. Hope this helps!
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    This thead is a few years old, and I'm wondering if I can get some salary updates. My boyfriend is moving to FLA, to the Boytan beach area, or Miramar. I don't know if that is spelled correctly. I currently work in NYC in one of the best hospitals. I graduated 3 years ago, got hired as a new grad, and I currently will have my 3 year anniversary here in August. I currently make 78k a year including night diff. My hourly rate with night diff is $40.7. I know that the cost of living in FLA is cheaper than here, and I know that there are no state taxes or medicare taxes, so that may help, but I'm scared if I move there I will take a tremendous decrease in salary. I mean, LPN's here make $22/hr!!!! The things you do for love...I tell ya. Can some nurses please enlighten me as to the huge reality check I'm going to get? Thank you all and God Bless!
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    LOL I am in the same boat you are. I am 60 min above the city. My husband just got out of the army and is finishing his degree. He wants to move to Tampa area (lithia most likely) whe he is done to be close to family including my stepson. I LOVE my job. I make a great salary (in the 80's before diffs) and work at a steady pace, not chicken with head cut off rate. I have 11 years Rn experience mostly in Critical care and ER (level 2 trauma centers), My BSN. Crunching the numbers I would need to come in somewhere around 32 dollars an hour to break even. The hourly rates I am hearing in here have me nervous! Anyone think 32 dollars an hour is reachable in Tampa?
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    I am curious about checking out tampa as a place to live, I just finished my RN in Sacramento, but the pay seems so low would it be worth it
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    jobs are very scarce here in Sacramento...there is no nursing shortage here. what about out there? what is the patient ratio, and are there there any new grad programs?

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    I'm sorry to say you will be disappointed by the pay here in Tampa. I moved here from Texas and took a $22K/year pay cut to work at one of the largest hospital in Florida. ouch. All of my experience is NICU LIII. I fear what non-acute/specialized RNs make.

    $32/hr is probably reachable, but I'm not there yet.

    Good luck!
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    24-26/hr ave in Phoenix! Cost of living is pretty good here too! Some of the seasoned nurses (NOC shift weekend program of course) are easily pulling in 6 figures! FLA is one of the lowest paying states! I think its bc people actually WANT to live there lol. My hospital is nice as you have the option to make a ton more on differentials/precepting/charge/etc. As a new grad 6 years ago I was easily making close to 60k a year and now make substantially more than that. My raises some years have been up to 8%! I know Ohio pay is low, starting out near what FLA pays.
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    you should consider Phx! our starting pay is good and we hire new grads in the ICU with awesome training programs!

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