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I just applied to get into the FGCU nursing program for fall 2011. I am so stressed out and worried about whether I will get in. I got an 83% on my TEAS with an overall score of 75% for the science... Read More

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    Is it bad to have a higher gpa than the average one they admit? For instance, they said the average is 3.5-3.6 and by the admit period I'll have a 3.7. Do you think they like to accept lower gpas because I see a lot of people with lower gpas getting in like 3.3-3.4? Also, does anyone know how many people apply each year?
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    I don't think it's bad. I have a higher one. I think those with higher GPAs may just go to other schools that are maybe ranked higher? And it's not just the gpa that they look at