FGCU Fall 2012 - page 4

Apps were due Feb 1. I know we aren't supposed to find out until late March/early April, but who else has applied and waiting on acceptance for Florida Gulf Coast University nursing Fall 2012??? I am... Read More

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    Awesome! We've probably had classes together! Small world! Add me!

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    Hey Im graduating too from FAU in like 3 weeks with a BSE degree, so fgcu will be my second degree and I decided to go with fgcu rather than nova..Do you know when your doing orientation yet?
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    Hey! Awesome, I just signed up for June 13. I just talked to someone from Ft. Myers and they were saying how nice FGCU is now. I'm so excited!
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    Yea me too Im ready to move an start already! lol I havent signed up for orientation yet, but I may do the same day as you so I can start registering. Do you know where your living yet or any good areas?
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    Add me on Facebook Alyssa stone
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    [font=times]yeah i wasn't sure which orientation to sign up for! i think id rather do it sooner than later too [font=times]. also add me on facebook as well http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1094040323
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    I signed up for June 13th and so did jojo
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    Hey! Im pretty sure that Im doing the first orientation. I was just wondering if yall have found any good places to live at yet?
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    yea Im signing up for june 13..an yea iv been looking for places to live too! Iv heard coastal villages, villagio, copper oaks.
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    Thanks! I'll definitely look into those, do you have a facebook?

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