FAU BSN 2013-Traditional or Accelerated - page 5

Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really... Read More

  1. by   yelrose
    I was so happy to find others talking about FAU 2013 nursing ... the waiting is difficult. Sounds like there are a lot of highly qualified applicants. I hope we all find out soon... in response to one person I do know one current student & she said it is a very difficult program long days/nights.. but great all around regarding instructors/hospitals, etc.. guess some of shall soon find out!
  2. by   Falmouth
    @Lady_Roscoe - very interesting that the school has confirmed the changes to the accelerated curriculum. I wonder if that means that the traditional and accelerated students will be separated for all course work. During the informational session I attended it was stated that the school hoped to be able to offer completely separate classes, because they found a huge difference in the accelerated students (older, have work history and a bachelors degree) versus the traditional students. They said by separating the groups they hoped to be able to meet the unique needs of the accelerated students better. This waiting and waiting is the worst!
  3. by   Authentic_RN
    Every time I get an email my heart skips a beat
    I think the changes are a great idea!
  4. by   matt7184
    Acceptance letters are going out. I got mine
    Look forward to meeting everyone else in a few months.
  5. by   CR_2013
    ...I got mine too!! Im soooo happy!!!..Congrats to everybody else that got accepted as well!...see you guys April 5th!
  6. by   gforge88
    Congrats to both of you! Was it a mass email to all the students accepted or individual? I haven't gotten one yet this wait has been so hard!
  7. by   Authentic_RN
    Yay! Got mine too. Was an individual message. Can't wait to start!
  8. by   gabelisg
    When did you guys receive your email? and also to what email did you guys receive the acceptance letter?
  9. by   Falmouth
    Me too!!!! Wow, what a huge relief!! Congratulations to all of us!!
  10. by   gabelisg
    did you receive this to your personal email?
  11. by   Falmouth
    I received a personalized email today at 1:00 pm and the email said that if I don't accept my spot, it will go to someone else "equally qualified." I'm sure that there will be spots opening in the near future. I have to respond with an affirmative acceptance by March 8th.
  12. by   Falmouth
    I received the notice on my personal email address - the one I used for Nursing CAS and all of my other "personal" things
  13. by   gabelisg
    Did you all receive it today at the same time? and by personalized, do you mean it just had your name? or what?