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FAU BSN 2013-Traditional or Accelerated - page 4

Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really... Read More

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    Hi Lady Roscoe - I noticed a few posts back you mention an email from FAU that they received your application. Was this from the college of nursing or just the school. I got a letter from the school that I was accepted (to the school not the program), but nothing from the nursing program.
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    The letter was from the college of nursing. I submitted my NursingCAS application early, September I think. Did you check your spam?
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    I just spoke to the school and figured I would post just in case any one else was panicked... They said that some early applicants received an email confirming receipt do to an admissions error. However, they do not send confirmations, so no worries if you didn't get one. The "bad" news is the student services rep volunteered that the reason they do not send these is that they received over 1000 applications. Eeeek! Good luck everyone!
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    Mindy Lane!

    Hi there!! Im in the same exact boat as you... My science pre reqs were 3.3 and I scored in the 94% percentile. I worked and went to school full time. I wrote a personal statement (even though it wasnt required) and met a few advisors at the school.. Im so nervous and praying something works out. School and work isnt easy.. I hope it works out and wish you the best of luck
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    The 1000 must be combined between traditional and accelerated, there's no way the applicant number jumped from 450 last year to 1000 this year.
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    The 1,000 has to the combined number, when I went to the information session they gave a similar figure but it was for both the programs. I think there are approximately the same number of seats in both programs. Hopefully we will know by the end of this month!
    Applicants for May 2013 Admission: Applications are under review. You are aware of the progress of your application through NursingCAS. If the application was submitted by December 31st, it is included in our review, regardless of progress on verification by the staff of Nursing CAS. We cannot provide information about review of individual applications. You will hear from us regarding the admission decision via e-mail by the end of February. We appreciate you honoring our request to refrain from calls and e-mails that distract from our work in reviewing applications.
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    Hello everyone! Do you think we are gonna get the email the week of the 18th or the week of the 25th? I'm dying over here!! haha
    ps. Thanks to those who have been updating us!!
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    I think we are ALL hoping to find out sooner rather than later!! I am guessing the emails are all sent out at the same time, although I don't know exactly how the process works. If anyone has any additional info please let us know!! Fingers crossed for all of us!!
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    I called FAU today and I was told that the emails most likely wont go out until the last week of Feb or March 1st
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    Ugh Bummer! Thanks for making the call CR_2013 at least that narrows it down so we're not all franticly checking our emails!... The waiting continues...
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    The wait is tortuous!
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    Also, at the info session we were told that, MOST LIKELY, the class starting in MAY 2013, will be changing so that the traditional program students start in August, the accelerated program will add one additional summer term to lighten the load and they will accept something like 20 more applicants between the 2 programs. It was confirmed via email from the school that these changes will be emailed to us along with our acceptance letters
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    I was just wondering if anyone knows someone who has attended this nursing program...Did they like it/have good things to say about it?