Edison State College Nursing Program 2012

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    Hello all, I am applying for the ESC Nursing program for the summer this year, but I am nervous as to the points I have. I have calculated everything and I have roughly 85-87 points (most likely 87) but worst case scenario 85. I was wondering if that is enough for the collier campus? does anybody know if I have a chance? a good chance? I can still take the hesi one more time this year, I was planning on taking it again and doing better if I don't get accepted, and by the time applications for the fall semester roll around I will hopefully be done with Micro and have an A in it. Let me know if you have any idea! thanks.
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    I got in a couple semesters ago in Collier. The cutoff number then was 87. I am told it hasn't changed appreciably since then, but who knows? Anyway, good luck!
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    I got the impression Collier was easier to get into than Lee...so I would think 87 points makes you competitive. I got in to Lee summer day program 2012 with 93 points. Good luck!
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    Hi iminsan3!! any news from the nursing office??? they're emailing finalist for admission to the Summer program.
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    Has anybody found out if they got in yet? I just got an email from Michelle DeBona telling me to call her, but it was past 10pm when I saw the email Hopefully it's good news!
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    I just called and found out I was accepted!! I had 86 points. Collier campus. Good luck to everyone else!
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    I just now found out that I was accepted to the Charlotte campus. I sincerely cannot believe it! I had a 74 and I thought they would just throw out my application. I'm so happy Ms. DeBona took out the time to send me an email to my personal email, otherwise I wouldn't have known to call her and find out. I'm in shock! Now all I have to do is get fingerprinted (again :icon_roll, I just got fingerprinted to volunteer with my church, but the fingerprints aren't reciprocal with the nursing program) and drug tested before next Friday. I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY
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    congrats! I'm in the Charlotte campus and in my second semester..hope to see you soon
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    How did the first semester go for you, was it a nice transition, and how did you pay for it? I don't know how I'll get student loans with only 3 credit hours of course work in total.
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    Summer semester is pretty basic, you learn how to answer nclex questions and so forth. My financial aid for 2010-2011 covered my summer classes

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