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Cost of boards in Florida?

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm having a little trouble finding this information and wondering if anyone may have recently taken the PN Nclex boards in Florida and know how much the total was, more or less. I've heard both $400 and $200 which is a big difference when you are trying to make ends meet!

    I've looked on the BON website and the Pierson (Pearson?) Vue pages but still haven't gotten conclusive answers. About to graduate and just wondering how many paychecks I need to put aside. Lol!

    Thanks for any info you can offer

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    NCLEX $200, FL license is $200
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    Florida Board of Nursing Registration for LPN Exam $204

    Pearson Vue NCLEX-PN $200

    Same as for NCLEX-RN
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    Wow thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'm going to need to save up a bit!! Have a great night

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    Try this:

    There are programs in many parts of the state that will help pay for NCLEX and licensing fees.

    However, the process does tend to take several weeks.

    If you plan to use one of these programs, DO NOT pay for your license or NCLEX fees before checking with them - the program my classmates used would cut the checks and send them in themselves, and would NOT reimburse students who had already paid.

    If you do not live in Bradford or Alachua county, contact your local Department of Labor and see if there are any similar programs available in your area.
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