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I was going to do some CEU's today before school started and decided to check the BON's website. I'm glad I did because I didn't realize the CEU requirements in Florida has changed since I last... Read More

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    Quote from doingbetter
    I would like to look into diabetes ed. How do you add that certification to your credentials? Is there a good online course?

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    Now in 2008...add Med Errors to the list
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    thanks for info. i called & was told it's 24 ceu's q 2 yrs -- 1 per month. the 25th is for newbies (like me!) only -- the 1 hiv/aids prior to 1st renewal. as part of the 24 q 2 yr... 2 must be on med errors & 2 on domestic violence q 3rd renewal . all of this i was told by phone, 2 wks ago.
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    Do CNA's need CEUs? I was reading the post on the doh site and it only talked about RN's and LPN's
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    "Do CNA's need CEUs?..." I'm not sure about CNA's but I bet the state link above may help, if you're in FL, that is.

    My question to y'all about FL state RN requirements is this~Do the classes just have to be on the general subjects of HIV and/or Aids, the prevention of medical errors, and domestic violence, OR are they actually a specific class that you must take by these titles? Do you get what I mean? Can we choose any ANCC accredited classes on these topics or is it one specific class on each topic named, e.g. HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Prevention of Medical Errors, etc.? Maybe, I'll call the number I noticed listed for the state above. Thanks all. nurse:
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    Does anyone know how many hours a Florida CNA has to work before their license expires? I just received mine March of this year and am still trying to get a CNA job!! I already checked the Florida Board of nursing website and the information there is confusing.
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    Thank you. You have helped me plenty. I have been trying to find this on the FL BON site and couldn't. GREAT HELP. Thanks!
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    This is my first time i am visiting your site. i too searching for more information on CEU education requirements in Florida., i got few good points over here on Nursing job descriptions.
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    Please, help me to understand how all these CE units work. I've been at BON website and it is still not clear for me.
    I got my Florida license in 2010, it is my first license after graduation. I did med errors and HIV as it is required for initial license. My license will expire in 2012. How many CE hours do I need to finish by 2012? What classes are required and what are elective? Can I start do them now or it is better to do them right before expiration? Please, help me to put it straight in my mind.
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    is it ok to do all you ceu's at one time or do you have to do the 1 credit evey month.

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