Broward College Nursing January 2012

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    hey everyone!

    this is a thread for anyone applying for the january 2012 class at broward college for the generic nursing track. july 16th was the date to start applying and i believe it closes sometime in october. how many points does everyone have? i had to defer my seat so i will be starting in january for sure at north campus! :d if i can be of any help with questions pertaining to getting in or the hesi i will be glad to help! good luck everyone!!

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    Hi Butterfiles23,

    First, congrats on getting into the program...
    I have two more classes before I can apply to the program, is there any other requirement their looking for other than the pre-reqs? Also, is there a point system the school goes by?
    I think my questions would come later regarding the HESI test.

    Thank you!
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    Thanks so much!!!

    You just need the pre-reqs and the hesi exam. Hesi you need to get a 75% or above in each section. Yes they go by a point system which is based on your grades in the Pre-reqs- NOT your overall GPA which a lot of people confuse. You also get 5 points if you did HOSA in HS and 1 point for being a Broward resident. When you submit your application you will see how many points you received on your limited application status .

    What classes do you have left? And lots of luck!
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    I applying for the January 2012 for the North Campus. I have a 3.7 in my pre req. I dont know how many points that would be, and I passed all the 5 sections from the Hesi test.
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    Hi everyone!!..I'm also planning on submitting an application for January 2012...I have my AP2 final on Monday and I am sooo nervous..I have been doing pretty well so far but for me to get an A for my final grade I need to get a 92% on the test...SO far I have 4 A's and 1 "B" in chemistry..HOPEFULLY I GET THE "A" IN AP2...I'm scheduled to take the Hesi at the end of the month and I'm praying that I do well...I've worked so hard to get here man, it's just unbelievable!!...NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!!!...I SO WANT TO BE A NURSE!!!....It is my prayer that each and everyone of us get in for January...GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY
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    Soon2bnurseshanshan, good luck with the test and don't worry just study HARD and don't give up! Which campus r u planning to attend?
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    Hi Butterflies23,

    Thank you, I have to AP1,AP2 and the HESI exam left to do.
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    Shepata, Thanks Hun...I PASSED..92% on the final
    I am planning on attending North...How about you?...Have you taken Microbiology?
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    Soon2benurseshanshan, Im planning to attend North as well. I'm taking Microbiology this fall coming up, and you?
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    I am scheduled to take Micro this Fall as well...In regards to the Hesi...Was the hesi study guide a useful tool for the exam?...I will be taking the exam in two weeks...I AM SO NERVOUS!!

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