Broward college May 2012

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    Hi i would like to apply for the generic May 2012 entry nursing program at broward college, any one else looking into applying for this program, lets help each other out in this process. I know is a bit early but im excited !!!

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    I did my LPN to RN there. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I learned more in LPN school skill-wise and self taught through the entire program. I would recommend applying elsewhere but if your heart is set on BC, please get a commited study group, let your spouse/family support you and dedicate a LOT of time to studying. Studying means not only the book work and skills but also NCLEX questions. A few hundred questions per subject area should get you at least to pass the exams. Good luck and all the best!

    P.s. I finished there with my ADN and passed my boards the first time. My study group was dedicated and thats what I attribute my success to, not the college itself. :X
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    which campus did you go to? i heard the north campus is really good. I'm looking for a good program but i dont want to go to a private university because its go expensive :eek
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    I went to south campus. It was hell. North campus is the least "negative" of the three. At south throughout the entire program the overall "vibe" was that they intended students to fail. I was fortunate to have a great study group and do well. I know other programs like nova and FIU are much more student friendly and actually offer help and guidance. They say that graudating broward college makes you an amazing new grad, thats partly true. That truth is because you literally had a trial by fire self teaching the majority of the program with instructors who taught subpar clinical skills. I was lucky enough to have LPN experience to back me up with my skills which are pristine. The generic students however came out of that program with little ability to do anything but insulins..
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    I am planning to apply for May 2012, but I'm having some difficulty with the Health Core Career Class. That is basically the only class I need to finish this fall, and for some reason I can't get any information about it from the college! The continuing education dept. said it wasn't even open to register for a few weeks, but when I called the college they said it was full.. If anybody has any advice that would be great!
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    I'm taking HSC0003 at MDC which can be transfer to BCC and replace the health core career class. if you like you can look into it i believe they have spot available but only for the online course. I am also looking into applying for May so hopefully we can get it!!! I spoke with a couple of student who enter the program this year, they say so far so good and that the teachers at the north campus are GREAT!!! so im planning to apply to the north campus !!!
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    Hey guys!! I'm also looking to get into the may /June lpn to rn program. Finishing ap2 and chem this fall then I will apply. Hopefully I get in!!
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    Welcome !!! have you taken the HESI, i'm studying for it now. im planning to take it in September so if i dont do as plan i can take it again in December. HOPE WE ALL GET IN!!
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    I am looking into the same thing, as my hcp class is in october.
    when looking at the application, it the generic rn a.s program isn't offered? maybe i am missing something, has anyone also checked out the application? i am worried i will have to wait for the august 2012 admission date
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    Hi, Im also interesting in applying to the May/2012 program, have all the requiremets but Im missing the Health Core Career hours and the HESI. Can someone let me know:
    Where can I take the Test?
    Where can I take the Health Core Career Course?

    I would really appreciate!!!

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