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Hi! This is a thread for anyone applying for August 2012 class at Broward College for the generic nursing track. I deferred my seat so I will be starting in August. I haven't decided if I want to go... Read More

  1. by   Hope2bPicuRN
    Quote from sugarbianca
    I thinks she was at South, Someone told me that the lecturer for maths gives most of the notes so you hardly use the text. You could wait until the first day of class to see what they say though.
    Ok... And thanks again for all the info!
  2. by   lily11
    I haven't heard much talk about the AUG 2012 term. How many points does everyone have? How does everyone think the applicant pool is? June 15 seems way to far away.
  3. by   Colleen2014
    I was thinking the same thing. I only come across post from students who were accepted for may 2012 and deferred their seat. I have 4 points with and overall 82% on the hesi. How many points do you have?
  4. by   StephanieMC12
    9 points, 91% HESI... I agree so many people deferred!
  5. by   Sunkissed_Fleur
    I have 17 pts and I think 87% on the hesi. June 15th isnt that far away!
  6. by   Colleen2014
    Since I am not taking any classes over summer. It feels like time is moving in slow motion.
  7. by   Sunkissed_Fleur
    I took WAY too many classes so its moving too fast lol. But don't worry at least you have a chance to start reading the nursing books. I haven't even picked up one since I started classes. I ordered a couple older versions from amazon.
  8. by   Colleen2014
    What are you taking? I haven't purchased any books yet. I still have a doubt that my points will hold me back this term and hopefully I will have a better chance once the new requirements are implemented in July. I have read some stories where students were accepted with a 2.7 gpa but it all depends on the applicant pool. I kind of wished I had something to take to keep me occupied but I finished my AA so I have nothing else to take.
  9. by   Sunkissed_Fleur
    I'm taking Micro and the lab, principles of biology, english composition 2 and intermediate algebra. Hmmm...I wish I could give you some suggestions on how to keep busy. You should start reading the books for sure cos even if you don't get in for august( and you never know you just might) you're going to apply for Jan so its not like your wasting money.
  10. by   Colleen2014
    Yea I guess your right about the reading. Which books did you order? What do you think of micro so far? Is intermediate math 1033 or 1105? Which campus did you apply to?
  11. by   Sunkissed_Fleur
    I ordered fundamentals of nursing. The lab isn't that bad. I am taking the lecture online and I haven't really started reading through the slides or the book. It's mat1033. I applied to North. Which campus did you apply to?
  12. by   Colleen2014
    Oh wow online I commend you! I turned in my application at North Campus because I was ready taking micro there. I am not picky what campus I go to I live 10 minutes way from south campus but right nw I'm just trying to get my foot in the door. How much was that book?
  13. by   Snoeice
    I have 11 pts and a 92% on the hesi. I know they took 7 pts in the summer but I have no idea what they look at for admission. Here's hoping