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Is anyone applying to Bethune-Cookman spring 2013 nursing program? I am currently in the process of applying and getting my cpr card, immunization records, and teas together. I would love to hear from applicants :nurse:... Read More

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    Somekindofstrange, my orientation is the same time frame look forwarding to seeing you there. Thank you for the information. I can send you a message on Tuesday, letting you know what I am wearing. Don't worry I am sure you will make through this time, everyone get second chances.

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    Hey case study,

    Unfortunatley I did not see you at the student Check-In. I went to the check in and quickly left. Hopefully you got my message. I had to leave because my car is in the shop. Feel free to send me a person message anytime.

    After my check in I am extremely impressed at the courtesy of Bethune-Cookman. Very friendly atmosphere and I am very excited to start the nursing program and finally get to work as a nurse and eventually as a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. Thanks to everybody that has been helpful. If anybody is already in Bethune's nursing program or plans to enroll please post a comment if you want.
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    Are you still there, Case Study? I just registered for all my nursing classes. I hope you are okay and have registered. My clinical site will be in new smyrna beach.
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    Where are you casestudy? The first day was crazy fast paced. I think I saw you Darkstar but you may have not recognized me. I really wanted to meet.
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    Quote from somekindofstrange
    Where are you casestudy? The first day was crazy fast paced. I think I saw you Darkstar but you may have not recognized me. I really wanted to meet.
    I heard good things about Bert Fish (New Smyrna). Good Pick. I have no idea what you look like I wouldve approached you! Anyway, there is always tmrw! You will know what i'll be wearing so if you see me, we can chat.
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    As a grad of 2012 Cookman is steep, but there are waay many more scholarships that you can apply for and some are Christian based, b/c the school is based on Methodist theology. You don't have to be Methodist or religious to attend tho. Look at One Stop Career Center also for scholarship, look at scholarships based on the County in which you live, there is a Flagler County retired nurses scholarship, there is a scholarship that took care of my summer Biology class (which I took at Daytona State), that is a religious based scholarship. Be courteous and receptive to financial aid folk and know the names of people who are on scholarship committees. All of us passed our boards on 1st try with exception of many 2-3, but then they passed. Cookman will work you, but you will know your stuff!

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