Article on proposed Kendall Regional Trauma Center

  1. A New Center of Trauma? Irrationality and Healthcare

    Recently Kendall Regional Medical Center initiated the application process to be given the right to operate a trauma center under its hospital. The Miami Herald reported on 04/16/10 (1) that Kendall Regional released the following statement “Supported by data that shows that Miami-Dade/Monroe counties need additional trauma services and the ever growing challenges that traffic and congestion pose in our community, Kendall Regional Medical Center has submitted an application to open a trauma center at their campus in West Miami-Dade County”. Jackson Memorial Health System and the University of Miami have opposed this move. The reason is that Ryder Trauma center, at Jackson staffed largely by UM doctors, is the only trauma center in the county.


    A New Center of Trauma? Irrationality and Healthcare Miaymi Otonomi ak Solidarite
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  3. by   mige
    As a future physician that will be working at Kendall Regional Medical Center I agree with the propose establishment of a trauma center. As the report states traffic is pretty heavy in some areas of kendall making it very difficult sometimes for people to arrive in an adequate time-table to treat their life threatening emergencies.

    Im not a surgeon so I dont gain anything from kendall becoming a trauma center but I think patients in the Miami-Dade county area deserve more than one trauma center especially in that heavily populated area.
  4. by   BOOYARN
    i say do it , we only have one level 1 trauma center in miami dade while broward has 3 or four i think .... its for are best interest jackson/um just want to keep there monopoly CANT STAND THE POLITICS!!!!!
  5. by   caroladybelle
    There are much bigger issues at work.

    Miami definitely needs more trauma centers. But do they have the MDs and specialized health care personnel, willing to put forth the time and effort to properly staff it. And will Kendall (correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it a Forprofit) put up with the inevitable money loss that accompanies having to keep a large number of highly specialized personnel on duty, keep them educated and employed, even when times are inevitably slow. Will Kendall skim the "cream of the crop" pts, the easier and well-insured pts, choosing to find ways (and they will find to divert the underinsured,often more longterm money losing cases to Jackson.

    The last time that I worked in south Florida, there was a severe shortage of high level neurosurgeons, with unisnsured cases having to wait dangerous amounts of time to get care or having to be shipped up to Shands. This leads to the question how many of those specializing in trauma care are there to supply that area.

    Kendall is, interestingly not really centrally situated where many of the traumas are, other than the better insured cases, and less crime related cases. There are forprofit facilities in areas that would benefit more trauma pts, but that would be less likely to be insured. Why are they locating the trauma center so far form the "center" of the action, beyond wanting to scoop up the easier, more money making cases.

    Interestingly, in Polk County FL, another for profit facility is opposing the opening of a facility, due to "the shortage of HCPs along with a nursing shortage", even though the new facility would service a population that currently has no local hospital and pts are currently having drive 30-50 miles for care. The difference - the pts are relatively well off and the new facility will take some of those better off pts away.

    There has also not been a "nursing shortage" there in ages. The forprofit facility also was openingh 30+ more beds - how were they going to staff them, if not to "burden the current HCP shortage".