Anyone Trying To Get Into Atlantic, Sheridan, or Mcfatter 2012-2013? - page 15

In broward county? Or am I the only one? I see the last thread on either one of these schools was from 2011. I'm trying to get into mcfatter for Novembers start date. Orientation was supposed to be Monday but was cancelled due to... Read More

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    Nope nothing in the mail! Even if they did call me, I'm just gonna stay at Atlantic. The hours of getting out are better for me and work well with my husbands schedule. Don't forget to check in and tell me how it is over there! Good luck!

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    I will!my orientation is nov 1 I will let u know what happens. Also let me know when u get the letter from Atlantic 😄
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    Update.. Might have to go to Atlantic! Financial aid needs my husbands tax transcripts and I might not e able to have them on time for Mcfatter I guess I will let u know what happens!
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    Quote from MrsCordero04
    Update.. Might have to go to Atlantic! Financial aid needs my husbands tax transcripts and I might not e able to have them on time for Mcfatter I guess I will let u know what happens!
    Can't just go to the tax office and get them? It's in plantation. Walk in, take a number and they call you and give it to you in hand. I went late and waited almost 2 hours. I would go first thing Monday morning or today before the close which I believe is 4 pm. I didn't mail my request for transcripts in. I just walked into the irs office and got it. good luck!
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    But your husband may need to go get his though. I don't know if they'll let you walk in and get your husbands.
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    How was orientation Cordero? What's going on with you legacy?

    Called Atlantic to ask when our letters were gonna be sent out. She was rude and said to sit tight. And to be patient. ***** She said they will be mailing them out next week and said that's all she can say and hung up. I was like wow. Lol

    I was just asking cause I may be out of town for thanksgiving and wanted to make sure I would be here.
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    Omg I am so sorry!!!! I forgot all about this site and forgot to keep checking it! Orientation was 2 hrs long. Basically going over stuff we already know like the hours uniform rules and also about clinicals when we start them and stuff. I just registered today. I finally had everything I needed for financial aid! Atlantic is so rude! Ugh I need to call them tomorrow and let them know I won't be attending hopefully its not too late for someone else to take my spot! I will be starting nov 19. I'm super nervous!and legacy have u gotten a letter? I'm sure u turned in ur stuff wayyyyy before me u had to receive one no?? I hope so! Anyway ladies keep me posted I enjoy conversating! It will be a great convo once we start school and discuss it! Ah!
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    I got my letter late, for some reason it was returned to them as undeliverable Anyhow i am pushing it back to march. I'm just not 100% sure i want to do LPN as my long term goal is the BSN. So i am debating just going straight to the RN, plus i need so get more money as i cant get money for school.
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    Oh no sorry to hear that FIU has a program thats LpN- bsn if u wanted to look into that. Unless u are 100% confident that u will pass the run then don't do it because 80% of the LpN class dropped out because its really difficult. So whatever suits ur needs is what u should do! Good luck and keep us updated
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    Cordero, how much did all of your books come out to? Did you buy them all at once? Or just the ones you need for the core? Did financial aid cover your books?

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