Anyone applying for the PHCC Spring 2013 RN/LPN program - page 8

Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    Ok I'm going to call her again, I hope she doesn't think I'm a nuisance. Stay tuned ....
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    332pm- called and got voicemail
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    I just spoke with admissions and she said That letters have not been sent out on Friday. Probably not until next week at the earliest. She seemed pretty annoyed so I can only assume that she's been answering the same question over and over again ;p
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    Izabela723@- I talked to the lady in charge early Friday , and she said they started mailing the letters , so that can't be right
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    I wonder why they are keeping this such a secret and driving us all crazy!!
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    I don't think it's so much of a secret as it is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I believe admin just says what they are told to say.
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    Very true, when I turned in my application I was told mid October so that's what I'll go by, and if it comes sooner even better
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    no letter for me either. Maybe tomorrow
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    They could save a lot of money on paper, postage, manpower, and frustration answering the phones if they emailed the letters to us
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    No letter for me either. My neighbor works for the post office, (he delivers) If I see him out i'll ask if he's seen any phcc packages.

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