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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   kt1830
    Pmwsc2fl thanks for the reassurance. I'm hoping you're right about the stats. *cheers*
  2. by   Conquestadorf
    Everyone on here will most likely get in our stats are all on par with each other the people with higher gpa have lower teas and vice versa; as long as we all live in pasco/hernando. You only need a 2.5 gpa and a 58 teas to apply! ,so I'm sure there are a ton of low ballers applying , I imagine we are the top 15% of the pile; we seem to be a bit anal retentive about our stats maybe that's why

    I right or am I wrong?
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  3. by   Conquestadorf
    My stats are 4.0 gpa prerequisite and 78 teas composite
  4. by   rnwannabe75
    we can all hope
    I hope the letters come QUICK!
  5. by   katmimm
    i think this is the worst part waiting for the letter...having anxiety!!!!
  6. by   Conquestadorf
    @katmimm- the best thing to do is focus on something, like your classes, and just patiently wait for the letter to come. And keep checking this thread because when the letters start coming im sure people will post.
  7. by   rnwannabe75
    exactly, this is the 1st time in awhile that I'm glad to be so busy w school that I don't have time to think I have an A&PII quiz & Exam this week & have to study for Microbiology.... but I agree that everyone on our thread has an excellent chance of getting in (at least thats what I try to keep telling myself lol)
  8. by   Conquestadorf
    @rnwannabe75- Yes im sure everyone with a 3.60 and above gpa and a 70 and above teas score will get in. It is a numbers game. Its all done by computer they just feed the stats in and out pop 48 people. They just vet the names.( Make sure the people who applied as pasco/hernando residence are actually residents, they do that by checking the address on our license, which we had to submit with the app). The letters then get printed out and they stuff them in the envelopes and send them out. Im sure they have an algorithm for any people that get into a tie with their rank, e.g. individual prereq class scores, or individual teas test scores, probably used as tie breakers.
  9. by   Jen-G
    @ Conquestador- That's why I'm checking this so often- to stay busy and see when the first person gets their letter.

    Everyone- Just for fun & to better compare my stats against others I calculated my overall % based on the teas counting for 50%, pre req gpa for 45% and county for 5% (thats right isnt it?)

    I figure I have a 88.85% overall. Of course that depends if my math is right (thats a big if) & if the school actually considers the % on teas score and not just advanced or proficient etc. This may not be accurate & I was just playing around with numbers so dont take this too seriously

    My gpa is 3.6 so thats a 90% (3.6/4.0) 90 x .45 (45% is what gpa is worth) = 40.5
    my teas score was 86.7% 86.7 x .5 (50% is what teas is worth) = 43.35

    40.5 + 43.35 + 5 (I live in hernando) = 88.85

    If you live in county & have 4.0 & 100 on teas the overall score would 100% so it seems to me that its accurate- even if formula isnt perfect.
    Again just having some fun. I'm definetly not a math major so dont beat me up too much if I am totally wrong here
  10. by   Conquestadorf
    Plus, I would imagine there are alot of people with lower gpa and scores which applied, which could take up a good chunk of the 150+ people that applied. You have been in class with them, they are sleeping during the lecture, or they have a buffet on their desk chat with the next person, and think they are going to get into a limited access program.
  11. by   Conquestadorf
    @JenG- your math seems spot on to me. Proficient is just to apply, yes they will be using the score to rank. I would just add they might further break down the individual teas stats. For example if statistically people who do better on the math part of the teas finish the nursing program more likely, they will tweak the computer program to give more weight in rank to a higher math score. The schools goal is to have a higher graduation rate. I heard last year half the class of 48 flunked out! ouch
  12. by   rnwannabe75
    @Jen-G - nice breakdown... according to your calculations my total is 89.6% so you & I are pretty close to tied & since my mail gets delivered so late I guess I'll be waiting to see what results you post lol not that your getting in guarantees mine or that my anxiety level will be any less
  13. by   Conquestadorf
    Say there is 5 people at the bottom of the 48 ranking. They all tie with gpa and teas. The computer program might use the individual class scores from A&P I to re-rank those people tied. I would imagine that A&P is the most relevant pre-req for the nursing program, with nutrition and psychology being next. Or they could use the individual scores from the teas to break the tie, science seems to be the most relevant.