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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

  1. by   pmwsc2fl
    Welcome conquestadorf. The word on the street is letters go out next week. Find a good spot to stakeout your mailbox. lol
  2. by   Conquestadorf
    Nice! I really hope I get in.
  3. by   izabela1723
    Hello guys just wanted to say hi to hopefully all my future classmates Does anyone know where the possible clinical sites might be?
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  4. by   Jen-G
    Quote from pmwsc2fl
    Just checking in here on this thread. Zero drama kinda guy so look forward to good lighthearted conversation here. Jen my gpa is 3.6 and teas score 85. So if you hear that I get in, should be good news for you.
    That's good since I'm not always home to check the mail right away i can stalk you online instead. jk
  5. by   Jen-G
    Quote from taeyoung04
    Hi, everyone. I am glad to see your comments. I have 4.0 gpa over all but proficient teas scores (low 70s). Hope to see you guys in the class. Good luck for all of you and me too.
    A 4.0 is great! Good luck to you!

    I know its mean but I'm hoping the other 130+ students not on here have 2.5gpa and 50% on the teas
  6. by   Jen-G
    Quote from Tiffany Delaney
    Jen G, what kind of dog is in your picture? I think maybe Boxer, but I am not sure. It's a beautiful dog what ever kind it is. My kids have been asking for a dog forever. some days I just want to give in but then i think that it's like having another kid. LOL I grew up with tons of different animals, but my kids haven't. I want to give them that experience but I don't know if I should add more to my plate right now. Been looking at Doberman rescue sites. Maybe Santa will bring them one this year.
    Thanks she's an Amerian Bulldog mix named Meg. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat & 1 son. It is a lot of work but my son loves them. It's a tough call but if you do I bet your kids would love a dog for Christmas. My nephew turned 3 this summer and his parents gave him 2 doberman puppies wrapped in a box. He start freaking out, thinking it was a monster, when one puppy popped his head out of the wrapping paper. Of course he loves them now but it was priceless
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  7. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to FL State Nursing Programs.
  8. by   rnwannabe75
    Does anyone know what is on the list of things that we have to have to get done if we do get accepted?
    Also, does anyone know when the West Campus is giving the next CPR class?
  9. by   Tiffany Delaney
    Meg is beautiful! Would you happen to know the breeder that that your nephews dobermans came from or where they got them? I wanted a younger adult dog, my husband is also begging for puppy. He never had one before. So I might just have to give in with the puppy. Maybe from Santa.
  10. by   William87
    I applied for both RN/LPN. I got a proficient on the teas with a 76.7%. 4.0 Pre req GPA and 3.7 over all. Live in Pasco as well. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will accept RN if I get it.
  11. by   kt1830
    Proficient TEAS scores and 3.77 pre req GPA, but everyone on here is starting to make me really nervous!! Hopefully we find out soon!!
  12. by   jazacmom
    You can take the CPR at Brooksville Hospital and I think Spring Hill for only $20. It is a four-hour class in the evenings. They give it once a month.

    Also, you will have to have chicken pox and rubella titer or booster done. You can opt out of the hep b, but you should get it done. You also have to have a tetanus done and will need a flu shot before going to the hospital (keep receipt). They will take your word for the polio vaccine. You also have to get the PPD done and a physical exam.
  13. by   pmwsc2fl
    @kt1830 Welcome and rest easy. Im betting folks here have some of the better stats. No real way to know. I have a 3.6 with advanced teas. I imagine that your stats and my stats balance each other out. Heres to both of us gettin in.