Accepted to Two Schools in FL

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    Hello All, I was just accepted to two schools. I was hoping that someone could help me out with the schedules for each because this will determine which school I go to.

    The First is Brevard Community College in Palm Bay for the ASN degree.

    The second is UCF Cocoa Campus, for the BSN. I keep hearing conflicting schedules for this one but for the most part I'm hearing M-F: 8-5.

    Also, if you went to either of these schools, how was the program? How are the teachers?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Hi! I also was accepted for BCC Palm Bay starting in January so if you choose that program let me know! Congrats on both acceptances!
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    That's great! What is your name? I know a girl who was in my anatomy class that got in as well so if I go there maybe we can all study together!

    UCF has two cuts and I made the first one but now I have to go for an interview to see if they like me.
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    Awesome!. I'm so excited to start :-)it would be great to have people to study with and know before orientation/classes start! If you want you can look me up on Facebook: shayna.miller.1 after the
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    Please be careful regarding posting real name @ AN. We are a public site that is heavily indexed by search engines. Best to share that info using our Private message system--click on users name to send a message. As a new member, PM system is available to send messages after your 15th quality post.

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