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I have just been accepted into the LPN program at Lake Tech, in Eustis FL. I have my associates degree, and have taken all prerequisites to the RN program except Microbiology and A&P 2, when I finish... Read More

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    That's great! I am ready to start! I have all my books, and purchased a littmann classic II stethoscope. I have also heard the same about the clinicals being Mon-Wed, with class on Thurs-Fri. There is a uniform store in Clermont, which is where i live, there is also one over in Leesburg, called Lake Uniforms, and from what my friend who is an RN says, they give a student discount, not sure about the one here in Clermont though!

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    I believe the one in Clermont gives student discount also. I'm heading there today to see what they have. I heard that there's a Dickie's brand of scrubs which aren't see through. I'm hoping they have some there that I can buy! I will let you know.
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    Hi! I start my Lake Tech fell-time evening LPN program in March as well =] I am very excited and the thread has become useful. Hope to see you guys in school. Thanks for the advice
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    Well that's great! Not too much longer!
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    Hey all! I currently go to LSSC and was doing my prerecs for nursing, but I pay for everything myself. I heard about Lake Techs program and I am pretty excited about it. What is the test that's $50 that isn't the placement test? I am almost done with CNA so I can escape retail work and get to what I really want to do.
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    bookmarking to find later
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    are you talking about the TEAS test it is either 35 or 40 dollars
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    Hi, I've been accepted into the day program in July! Is anyone selling any of their books yet?
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    Great Congrats! Our class is graduating in February, so we still need our books, but I know there is a class graduating in June and some of them may be interesting in selling them, you just have to contact the school...
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    Hi everyone. All the information given has help me make my decision for a career change.. I would like t know what do I have to do or get or have before I make the call? Can anybody help me thanks.
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