2014 UF Accelerated BSN Applicants

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    Hey y'all! Who's applying to UF's ABSN program? Go Gators!
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    Hi there! I was recently accepted to their accelerated program that starts in 2 weeks! Feel free to ask any questions about applying
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    hey KittyL0ve! CONGRATS and good luck with the program! do you have any advice on what extracurriculars/volunteering/experiences that might help prepare for the program? my undergrad GPA isn't high and my prereqs are a little higher than a 3.5 so i'm looking for other ways to make me look better. Thanks!
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    Well I volunteered at the local hospital and got some shadowing done while I was home for breaks. I'm interested in pediatrics specifically so I also worked in an elementary school for a semester. Variety will definitely set you apart but make sure you don't let your grades slip! Good luck and feel free to ask anything else
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    I'm applying! I plan to take the GRE in August/September and will be taking pre-reqs through spring semester of 2014. I'm currently taking Stats online - not my favorite. My overall undergrad GPA is decent - 3.6ish. My last 60 hours of undergrad are a little quirky because I took some lower level courses and 9 hours of internship credits (which don't count towards GPA), so I think it's around a 3.4ish. My plan is to ace the GRE (I know, I know - high hopes), write a killer entrance essay, and make A's in all my pre-reqs. So far so good, but I still have 4 pre-reqs to complete, so we'll see.

    Kitty L0ve - want to share your stats with us so we have an idea of last year's applicant pool?
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    Hey guys! Nice to see there's already a thread up! I plan to take the GRE this summer. So far, my last 60 hrs are at a 3.7 and my pre-reqs are at a 3.55. I've been a CNA for going on three years, done over 200 volunteer hours for a hospice/ home health company, recently got hired at a hospital ICU (yay!), I have been in 4 major 100+ member organizations at school and held offices in them (between 100-150 volunteer hours there), along with doing an extended internship with the community health center at another hospital here at school. I plan for my letters of recommendations to come from the DON at my job and the director of the office that holds the 4 organizations previously mentioned.
    Sadly, I have 2 MAJOR problems. One, I'm not from Florida! I'm a good 'ol Texan. I've read many threads that say the schools in Florida prefer their own, like many others. My second problem is, my first two years in college were less than stellar :/. I'm barely graduating overall with a 3.1 GPA. How do ya'll think these two things will affect me? Should I even apply and take my chances?
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    hi eliz.ambe!

    you look very qualified so i wouldn't worry about about the whole non-florida resident thing working against you! also, UF looks at your last 60 credits so the overall 3.1 shouldn't hurt you. is UF the only florida school you are applying to? most of the other schools only look at prereqs and tests scores.
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    Sorry! I've been consumed with the program and forgot about this thread! My overall (137 credit hours) was a 3.68ish and my last 60 credit GPA was a 3.9 - don't fret though! Many people in the program have a 3.5 or above, which is attainable. My GRE scores were just a hair over what UF wanted and it seemed the bulk of us had around the same average scores (in the 150s). I didn't spend much time on my essay because I was almost cheated out of applying by my previous university and was very rushed. Reference letters are pretty important I think. One of mine was from an RN I had shadowed, for example. It's also advisable to have your CPR certification before applying because they're gonna make you get it anyway and it looks great to do it early. If anyone else is interested in knowing, I also applying to FSU (accepted) and UCF (denied because of missing transcripts..)
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    And I am loving this program! Every day is something new and you learn a lot very quickly. Good luck to all!
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    Thanks for the advice, KittyL0ve! It's great to hear that you're enjoying the program. It's also a relief to hear that most people were averaging in the 150s on the GRE. I'm less concerned about my pre-reqs than I am about the GRE. Standardized tests pretty much terrify me. Eliz.ambe - you sound completely qualified! And I don't think UF cares where you did your undergrad (or at least I hope not b/c my undergrad is not from UF). I started volunteering at Shands a couple of weeks ago, so that's been exciting!

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