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HiEveryone! I am gatorguy3380, and I am planning on applying to the UF Accelerated BSNprogram beginning in 2013! I have been steadily working my way through my prerequisites and am studying for my... Read More

  1. by   nettegator
    sooooo I say we have entered mid-February

    This has officially consumed my thoughts. Yep, they have either (1) looked at our applications or (2) are currently looking at them. EEK! Why does the shortest month of the year seem sooooooo long?
  2. by   ddl77
    Are any of you current UF students? Just wondering if there was some way we could check our ISIS to see updates.
  3. by   trinity09
    I'm a current UF student and I have no idea about anything. They haven't really given us much information to go on.
  4. by   GatorLove
    I am a current UF student and I don't believe you can check Isis... Last year it was just a waiting game until we received letters in the mail. Hopefully they send them out soon... I am a little concerned because they said they would send them out at the end of February which likely means we will get them the first week of march, which is during spring break and ill be 3 hours away in my hometown... So in that case if you guys get anything the first week in march, can you post? Ill want to drive back here to check my mail! Haha
  5. by   ddl77
    I didn't think there was one either, but so many schools have online updates I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  6. by   jriver38
    joining your chat and waiting for my letter as well
  7. by   gatorguy3380
    One thing that I noticed today was that the regular (non accelerated) BSN application deadline is March 1st for fall of 2013. This may just be my runaway deductive reasoning. Logic tells me however that the CON is trying to have our decisions out before the traditional program deadline so that they are not inundated. If this is the case then I feel more confident that our decisions will come sooner rather than later. Last year's class had to wait more than a month longer than they anticipated for decisions, hopefully we all can avoid that!
  8. by   GatorLove
    Good news...

    I have a good friend who spoke with a CON professor & they said to expect to hear something just before spring break...

    The last day of classes before spring break is March 1st (which is a Friday)...So I'm assuming it means either earlier that week, March 1st, or 2nd...since they dont deliver mail on Sundays.

    It's getting closer....fingers crossed
  9. by   nettegator
    That's great news! I got excited and nervous all at the same time! lol
  10. by   spkgator
    Want to play a game? This waiting can be tough, and I want to get to know you all! Whether we get in now, or years down the road, we will all be nurses out in the healthcare field together--with a little bit of persistence. I think it would be cool to get to know you all, especially since we may end up being potential cohort classmates!

    Q: Favorite Food?
    A: Bacon

    Q: Favorite hobby outside of nursing? (We are going to need these to keep us sane next year!)
    A: Dancing

    Q: Birthplace?
    A: Valencia, California

    Q: Current residence?
    A: Jacksonville

    Q: Type of nursing you want to pursue?
    A: Open to different possibilities. I have a special draw to the elderly population.

    Q: What made you want to pursue nursing?
    A: My volunteer experience

    *Add any other information I forgot! Let's keep things fun, and less competitive (i.e. no GRE score talk, GPA stats, etc).
  11. by   CaveDiver
    Awesome idea! Here goes:

    Q: Favorite Food?
    A: Chocolate! (Trying to be a lot healthier though- LOVING Trader Joe's)

    Q: Favorite hobby outside of nursing? (We are going to need these to keep us sane next year!)
    A: From my username- cave diving.

    Q: Birthplace?
    A: Ohio

    Q: Current residence?
    A: Gainesville

    Q: Type of nursing you want to pursue?
    A: Eventually ARNP in dermatology/family care.

    Q: What made you want to pursue nursing?
    A: I wanted a career where I can work in a variety of settings, love my job, and have a family.
  12. by   docosa
    Runaway inductive reasoning perhaps. j/k. Your idea makes sense. They probably have internal deadlines set to help manage the workload.

    I really hope the decisions come on time. If they are later than I am anticipating I may already be accepted elsewhere and that involves moving. I'd need time to find a rental house and move all my possessions, redirect mail/bills/services, etc... a huge process that I cannot put off to the last minute! I mean literally in mid-March I will be house-hunting (if I get accepted in Jacksonville) and if I receive an acceptance letter from UF the day after I sign a lease somewhere, well, that's a day too late.
  13. by   gatorguy3380
    So I was doing some of my own research using this blog just for my own edification. Obviously everyone really wants to know what the average GPA, pre req GPA, and GRE scores of those applicants that were admitted to the program. Since the CON would never share these measureables, I compiled my own using this site. I thought that I would share what I found out.

    I averaged the 2011 and 2012 scores reported by those who posted that they were accepted to the UF ABSN programs. Obviously not everyone who posted their acceptance reported their scores, and I sure that some who posted their scores were not completely truthful. But with what I had to work with I was able to come up with the following:

    Avg GPA: (I averaged the overall, masters level, or upper division GPA that was provided; I took which ever was higher) 3.67

    Pre req GPA: 3.7

    GRE: 152V 153Q

    Obviously I know that this is subject to change from year to year, but it is still well above the admission requirements posted on the CON website. I also think that there may be less applicants this year since the CON moved the application deadline up from February to December. Take it for what its worth.... I hope we hear something soon!

    (sorry for my grammer docosa and sorry for more stats talk spkgator....I am a stats guy!)