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Hey all, My name is Justin. I知 currently a seasonal firefighter in California. My goal is to end up being a firefighter/paramedic with an RN license. I知 trying to find out which is the best avenue to approach this. Is it... Read More

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    hi, I am a Paramedic in NYS; I am taking the Excelsior ( RN program via Distance Learning Systems ( Excelsior holds credentials in California.... i have an AAS in Paramedics and Excelsior took all my pre-req's.... So basically I have to take all nursin classes (8) for my ASN.... Shop around before you just enroll in Excelsior; there are cheaper alternatives.... So basically it is easier from Medic to RN than RN to medic.... For Medic you must take an EMT course first.... Then a paramedic course... I know only practitioners (NP, PA, MD, and MD) my challenge out the medic in NYS but is evaluated on a case by case... Cally, don't know.... Call the Calif EMS and local comm colleges for the RN and/medic programs... But if you decide to go w/ Medic first; you must take the EMT course first (3-6 mons) and then the medic (10 months to 1 year)... or take the RN course (certificate nurse/non degree) {1 year}... Good Luck.....

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