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  1. 0 Just in case anyone wants a fun reading book about flight nursing check out Trauma Junkie: Memoirs of a flight nurse.

    It is funny and interesting. I can't wait until I start flying so I can start writing my book!
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    I just finished it and loved it also!! I highly recommend it to any flight nurse!!
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    also try "northern nurses: true nursing adventures from canada's north ..." and northern nurses ii: more nursing adventures from canada's north ...edited by karen scott and jean keiser, publihed by kokum publications in oakville ontario. not all flight nursing nstories, but many are. and of the "remember when..." variety - lot's of "interesting" responses to put it mildly. flew with or knew many of the authors of the short stories - and none of the are exaggerated, or the worst they could relate!
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    I read that book and loved it. Not a flight nurse but considering it. I wish there were more books like that.
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    Just finished this book. Spot on ! Loved it, amazing how relative some of the stories are. cheers.
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    Just Finished it!! Amazing book totally rocked!! , makes me want to be a flight nurse even, more, just have to get my years of experiance in.
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    I took the advice of this thread and got my hands on the book to see if flight nursing was something I would like. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I finished the whole thing in one night. Must read for anyone interested in flight nursing.
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    Just finished Trauma Junkie yesterday. Absolutely Amazing. I think after I get my fill of ER experience, I'll try the flight nurse thing. Anyone know what additional training is needed? I mean she's tellin stories about intubating people and I'm sure you don't learn that in nursing school.

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    Well, from my own research into it, (I'm a nursing student) you need at least 3-5 years of ER/Critical Care experience, ACLS, NRP, PALS, all the applicable certifications are preferred as well as certification as an emergency nurse (CEN), critical care nurse (CCRN), or flight nurse (CFRN). Also, I hear that some companies prefer experience as an EMT or EMT-P. They also like to see instructorships in the previously mentioned certifications (ACLS, NRP, PALS, etc.). Seems like an exciting career. I hope my path takes me in that direction one day. Best of luck.

    Edit: I realized I didn't answer the question about training. I believe most of the advanced training (intubations, central lines, etc.) is done after you are hired on at a flight program. I may be wrong about this though. Also, if you are interested, there is a Master's program with a focus on flight nursing at Case Western Reserve University.
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    omg.i read trauma junkie too & i loved it.!!

    very entertaining & so tru..u just want to die when the pager goes off at 4am and ur tryin to catch some zz's