1. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which class is "better"? I've heard mixed opinions about both. Please enlighten me
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  3. by   phiposurde
    I never did the PEPP( but now I want to8). When I did the ENPC, it was long, boring and very lecture oriented. It could be possible that it was the instructor but I got the feeling it was the format of the course. I didn't felt I was more prepare to handle kids! But that my opinion!8)
  4. by   phiposurde
    I was talking to an other pediatric RN and she said :"if I woudn't work all the time with kids. I would have not took anything out of that course or understand it. "
  5. by   Belle12
    Thanks for the comments...I am taking this course at the end of July. I will post my comments about the course then
  6. by   SpiritRN
    Depends what your needs are. I feel that ENPC is a better course for nurses. There is a lot of focus on triage and recognizing sick kid. PEPP is obviously more for pre-hospital providers, make sure you take the two day advanced course if you are going to spend the time. I have taked PALS, ENPC and PEPP and like ENPC the most.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I teach both courses: ENPC is a better fit for ER nurses IMHO as above poster states. It is a lot of info crammed into two days. However, it hits you hard with assessment - the abilty to tell when a child is acutely ill or injured.

    PEPP is more the triangle approach with the ability to tell if the child is critical or not and then rapidly treat and transport - I equate this more for pre-hospital folks.

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