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Has anyone heard of a nursing position in which you accompany people who are sick, on major airlines to hospitals all over the world to receive treatment? :nurse:... Read More

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    Well, since I am one of those people always looking for specifics, not ambiguities :spin:, try checking out these links. I have sent out feelers to both companies, can't comment yet on working with either of them, but a concrete "look here" may help anyone not familiar with the medical transport industry by giving them a starting point.

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    There are companies out there that are medivac flights on fixed wing crafts. You are a flight nurse and do transport patients from amjor airports to relocate them to different facilities. Usually though the company owns these planes and they are leer jets and such. You can pass meds, start IV's, transport vents extra. The planes are really cool, they are converted inside with whats called a medpack. and its basically a stretcher that latches and buckles in instead of seats. Check out website
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    I need to see about finding a nurse to fly my mother out from Lemoore, Ca via Fresno airport to Savannah, Ga. She's in a skilled nursing facility there. My sister left her there and I want her here with me. I may go myself but if I can get someone to do this, I may opt that instead. Not sure if the airlines can handle this as she is dementia/Alzheimer. Anyone have any ideas on this?

    I am a nurse and had to put in 2 months advance notice to get the time off to do this.

    I can't go until first week of October. She's alone. I want her here with family, asap.

    Any input would be appreciated.


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