Would having no IV cert cause the job offer to be taken back?

  1. Hello,I got a job as a full-time nurse but haven't started working yet cos my drug test is still in progress.The thing has kept me worried the whole time is I don't have IV certificate.When I was interviewed for that job,my interviewer/Assistant DON said that Facility needs me to have IV cert.I asked him where i could take IV class.He gave me the address ,and so,when i called the place where offers IV class,they said they will only have a class in March.So,since i don't have IV cert as the facility wants me to,Do you think it would change the mind of People in facility and withdraw the job they offered me.What should i do?Do I inform them ahead of time about my IV cert?Please..share me your advice..I'm so lost.I don't wanna lose this chance.
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  3. by   kindlylili
    Go online and search for IV certification, and I believe there are a lot of places offer a class for that. I have done my research online, and I find a lot of places. Some places offer a class every month, so I do not think you need to wait for too long to get one. Just register your class and tell your employee you have done such; I do not think it will become a problem for you being hired.
  4. by   newgraduategal
    Thanks kindlylili.As far as I research online,they don't have any IV classes here in Nashville,TN.The only place offers IV class is Lee medical in Franklin,TN(45mins drive from my home) and only have a class in March.
  5. by   Blackcat99
    You may need to sign up for a class that is much farther away from your home. Look for any IV classes available in the state of TN. If you tell them that no class is available till March they may tell you to come back in March to re-apply for that position. That being said, I work at a LTC and there is a nurse here who hasn't taken her IV certification class yet and they still hired her. I wish you the best of luck.
  6. by   T-Bird78
    It shouldn't. If the info he gave you only has a class in March then so be it. Also, a lot of required certifications can be obtained within a few months of hiring so you should be safe. If he asks let him know you're in the process of obtaining it and if he needs it sooner then look at all your options to get it sooner, even if you have a farther drive.